Case Review

Patient: 30+ female

Reason for seeing me: Dysmenorrhea (Painful menstruation)

Patients Notes & Diagnosis:

Recommended by her boyfriend to come to see me, I treated her boyfriend’s acute back pain with some very good results. She originally came to see me for weight problems, after consultation I found out that she had very bad period pains since she was 14 years old or for almost 20 years.

Irregular periods, blood dark and clotting, she needs to take pain killers for the first and second day of her periods to cope with the pain.

Check her tongue, body big, colour pale pulse also weak and deep plus metabolism very slow.

Treatment plan – improve her metabolism and improve her body qi, warm up her lower tummy (uterus area) after 10 sessions over 5 weeks, she lost 5kg no more period pains (100% gone)

Did a follow up a few weeks later no more period pains.

Patient: 40+ female

Reason for seeing me: Dysmenorrhea (Painful menstruation)

Patient Notes & Diagnosis:

She first came to my clinic to do a massage, she told me she’s nausea, dizzy and had anxiety. She always go to the gym and she felt healthy.

Check her tongue body, very greasy and had a crack in the middle of her tongue, she has lower red blood cells, it’s a family disorder. After treating her twice, nausea completely gone only mild dizziness when she gets up in a hurry and she’s happy with the progress.

Anxiety treatment is ongoing and will take some time to recover from it.

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