Cosmetic Acupuncture

Acupuncture needles gives you a natural youth beauty by regenerating your OWN cells.

Cosmetic acupuncture is one of the most popular options for celebrities to look after their skin, as it is natural, no injections needed, fast recovery and safe! Cosmetic acupuncture treats you holistically, not just your outer beauty but your overall health.

cosmetic acupuncture

Skin Brightening

cosmetic acupuncture

Weight Loss

weight loss nz

Double-chin Removal

double chin removal nz

Advanced Facial Rejuvenation

medical beauty acupuncture

A natural way to improve your beauty

cosmetic facial acupuncture

Cosmetic acupuncture is a safe, non-surgical, no injection method to improve your beauty, as well as inner body circulation. Skin is the biggest area to show our health conditions. If you are not feeling healthy, it is hard to have healthy looking skin too. 

The insertion of needles into the facial tissue can increase blood and lymphatic circulation, which can improve oxygen and nutrients delivery to the skin. The increasing circulation stimulates collagen production, and give the skin more tightness and elasticity, helping to fill out the fine lines, soften deeper wrinkles and firm the skin.

But that’s not all! Increasing circulation can also rehydrate the skin by stimulating sweat and sebaceous glands, helps exfoliation and encourage new skin cell proliferations. Placing acupuncture needles into muscles in the face can also take away the “stressed” look by relaxing facial muscles.

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Double-chin Removal

cosmetic acupuncture nz


Neck lines removed

cosmetic acupuncture nz
cosmetic acupuncture nz

About cosmetic acupuncture

For skin brightening, our practitioner suggested to start with one treatment everyday for three days, then a treatment every third day is required.

For weight loss and double chin removal, one treatment is required every 14 days.

As cosmetic acupuncture uses needle to stimulate collagen and new skin cell proliferation for the skin, and does not require any surgery. There is no recovery period. However, mild bruising and swelling is common in some patients after treatment, but this will disappear in 2 days or 3.

Yes! Unlike surgical cosmetic, acupuncture has no recovery period and thus makeup can still be worn.

If treatment is up to date as offered by your cosmetic acupuncturist, beauty can last for a life time! The acupuncture method is to insert the thin needles, and trigger your old cells to regenerate more new cells. These new cells gives you a natural youth looking, and last for a long time. Also, depending on patients, effects can be seen after only one treatment.