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What Our Patients Say About Us

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Ponsonby Wellness

The Ponsonby Wellness Centre is conveniently located just a stone's throw from Ponsonby central in Auckland.

The clinic is probably the only Traditional Acupuncture and medical clinic in Ponsonby and the surrounding areas with a team of professional acupuncturists since setting up over 10 years ago.

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Ponsonby Wellness, NZ is an approved ACC treatment provider specializing in using the old Chinese traditional treatment methods using Acupuncture and herbals to help with pain relief and injuries rehabilitations caused due to accidents.

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Over the past few years, our traditional Chinese medicine clinic has seen a dramatic increase in patients seeking alternative treatments for pain management, compensating conventional treatment methods with fantastic results.

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We have also seen more and more women seeking the use of Chinese Acupuncture during pregnancy and the combination of Acupuncture and herbs for various medical care.


Virginia Jin - TCM Practitioner

Virginia Jin established Ponsonby Wellness Centre, also known as the Bao Yi Qian Chinese Medicine Clinic, in 2012.

Virginia has a New Zealand bachelor’s degree in Health Science of Acupuncture and is a TCM practitioner with a family background that spans five generations of both modern and traditional Chinese medical practitioners.

Her great-grandfather founded Bao Yi Qian Chinese Medicine Clinic in Zhejiang, China, hundreds of years ago.

After Virginia immigrated to New Zealand in 2004, she inherited her ancestral practice to promote the role of Chinese medicine overseas, integrating acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine as natural therapy and applying it to modern treatments.

Virginia is a current NZ registered acupuncturist provided by NZ Acupuncture Standards Authority (NZASA), with approved ACC. Moreover, at Ponsonby Wellness acupuncture clinic, Virginia treats her patients via TCM to cure the roots of conditions such as anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, and natural cosmetic.

Virginia’s principle of treatment is that any disease begins with poor circulation. With over two decades of clinical experience, she has honed her ability to create treatment plans based on traditional Chinese medicine principles, effectively addressing patient issues without causing adverse effects. This has earned her a highly positive reputation.

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What We Offer

acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture is the safest and most reliable natural therapy with the most rapid and significant effect on the treatment of diseases in TCM.

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Chinese herbs at Ponsonby Wellness Clinic

Customised Chinese herbs can assist with enhancing one’s health and strengthening the immune system by rebalancing the opposing energies of Yin and Yang within the body.

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ACC Acupuncture at Ponsonby Wellness

The Ponsonby Wellness Centre is an ACC-approved treatment clinic practicing TCM with years of experience. We’ve got a fantastic team and the best clinical equipment. We use acupuncture to help ease pain and aid in injury recovery, and our patients have seen great outcomes through this.

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Women health care at Ponsonby Wellness Clinic

Traditional Chinese Medicine can be used for the treatment and prevention of various diseases, such as Insomnia, Women’s Health Care, Surgery, Infertility, and Stress Management.

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Cosmetic Acupuncture aims for natural consistent improvement, not artificial changes, with no pain or side effects.

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Client’s Testimonials

A Bit of Our Trusted Reviews
“Thank you so much Virginia. I was in a lot of pain for over a year and I saw no change with physio. I wanted to give acupuncture a try and Virginia did amazing work. She made I big difference in only a few weeks then the physio did in a year. I highly recommend you try this place. I’m looking forward to trying out the cosmetic acupuncture too ”
“I went to see Virginia for troubles with my irregular menstrual cycle. My period came after the first consultation and acupuncture treatment with Virginia, prior to which it had been absent for over three months. My treatment from Ponsonby Wellness Centre consisted of regular acupuncture sessions and herbal medicine. My period has been regular for four months now and it is credit to Virginia’s carefully crafted treatment plan.”
“Virginia cleared my eczema within one month of treatment using acupuncture and Chinese medicine. I feel confident under her care as my eczema has been clear still one month after seeing her. Highly recommend.”
“My son has been seeing Dr Virginia Lin for accupunture and TCM for 4 weeks and we have seen a significant improvement in his health, he hasnt felt this good for a long time. The clinic is very nice and clean as well! I highly recommend her.”
“Mrs Jin is a very kind and professional acupuncturist.
My mother used to have bad shoulder and back pain, just 2 times of acupuncture, her pain reliefed a lot.
My diarrea problem is also get significant improved after 2 times treatment.
I will recommend her to all my friends ”
“Virginia helped me with my irregular menstrual cycle, after two months treatment, my period came as expected. That was amazing, can’t believe herb is that helpful!!!!”
“I went to the Ponsonby Wellness Centre for treatment for a foot injury. I was in a lot of pain and discomfort following surgery and Virginia was able to help me with acupuncture.
Even after the initial sessions I had a significant improvement in the level of pain and discomfort. Now back to normal – thank you Virginia for getting me back up and running.”

I was referred to her by 4x people both friends and family who have all witnessed the miracle that is Virginia! She has helped both me and my partner massively with our back/neck issues, her knowledge, experience and professionalism in medicine is out of this world and she has taught me so many new things about my body and how to properly care for myself and for that I will forever be grateful!”

“Thank you Virginia, for the acupuncture, tea and warmth which has helped treat the shoulder injury. I have been and will continue to recommend you to others.
The discomfort I had has dissipated. Your knowledge and care made me feel at ease during each session. Treatment was a time for me to look forward to rather than fear and I feel confident in myself once more.”
“I have been seeing Virgina for over 2 years. I found her when I was looking for pain relief treatment for chronic lower back pain. Not only did her treatment plan fix the issue with my back, she also worked on my over-all health and balancing my hormones.
Virgina is a very experienced and intuitive therapist. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”
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Acupuncture can treat multiple conditions and health issues including injuries and fertility problems

Although many health issues and chronic pains are more complicated than they appear, acupuncture can work like a charm for:

  • post-injury and post-surgical rehabilitation
  • back/neck issues
  • headaches and migraine
  • stress and anxiety
  • pain/stiffness in the shoulder, back, and pelvic area
  • insomnia
  • birth preparation
  • mobility improvement

Aimed at rebalancing the body’s energy and stimulating its natural healing potential, acupuncture may be effective on its own or when combined with conventional therapies like vacuum cupping.

When you visit Ponsonby Wellness Centre for a session, you can expect to receive professional ACC acupuncture treatments. We’re proud to be one of the accredited ACC treatment providers here in NZ.

Our experts also specialize in traditional Chinese herbal medicine.

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Our Value

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Our aim is to encourage self-recovery instead of using Meds.

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Try an alternative natural treatment without the use of DRUGs.

Chinese Acupuncture | Chinese Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture | Acupuncture Services overall are based on Chinese Acupuncture, Chinese herbal remedies, cupping, and natural healing methods. Many people take medication every day and experience negative side effects. Our goal is to promote and encourage the use of natural healing techniques, such as Chinese Acupuncture and Chinese herbal remedies, to help people reduce or eliminate their dependence on modern medication.

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