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About us

Ponsonby Wellness Centre (包一钱) Has A Traditional Chinese Medicine Background For More Than A Hundred Years, Since 1900.​


Ponsonby Wellness Centre is a traditional Chinese clinic, using Chinese Acupuncture, herbal medicine, and therapy massage to treat patients’ body. The clinic locates in Ponsonby, Auckland central and also very close by Grey Lynn, Freemans Bay and Herne bay area.

The clinic was set up by Virginia Jin in 2012 in Ponsonby, she inherited the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic founded by her great-grandfather 100 years ago.

We have had great feedback from both local and oversea patients, especially from Hollywood stars.

The clinic has ACC Treatment Provider and Chinese herbalist, they all have strong medical experience in TCM

Our Value

The traditional Chinese clinic is overall based on Chinese Acupuncture, Chinese herbals medicine, cupping and natural healing

A lot of people use Meds every day and got a lot of side effects from it.

We aim to use and encourage the use of natural healing including Chinese Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to help people avoid or minimise the dependent on modern Meds.

‘Our aim is to Encourage self-recovery instead of using Meds’

‘Try an alternative natural treatment without the use of DRUGs.’

Our Focusing Area

Pain Relief

Women Health Care

Medical Care



Using painless needles to balance body's Qi and Blood, then help people relieve from symptoms.

Natural herbal medicine

Herbal medicines

The natural herbal medicines can help people restore energy balance

Therapy Massage

Acupress Massage

Acupress Massage is a part of complementary and alternative medicine during treatment.

• Acupuncturists view each person holistically and individually.

• Acupuncture helps to re-awaken and energize the self-healing capacity of the body

• Acupuncture is an effective preventative medicine with no negative side-effects, only positive ones.

• Acupuncture helps to support and strengthen the immune system.

• Acupuncture effectively assists with recovery from Meds, alcohol and smoking addictions

• Acupuncture is recognized by well-known and leading national and international health organizations

• Acupuncture is safe and painless

• Acupuncture treatment is an excellent stress-relief therapy.

• Acupuncture is an affordable alternative.

• Acupuncture works!

"Western Doctors are hunters, they identify and isolate sickness, and take it out. Chinese Doctors are gardeners – they nurture the body and help it thrive."
Virginia Jin
Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist

Our Team