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Chinese Herbs Treatment in Auckland

Chinese medicine focuses on the body’s overall response to treatment and recognises the body as one interconnected biosystem. Treatment changes the overall condition of the body including the immune system but also takes care of the specific target problem.

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Natural Medicine To Heal & Restore

Chinese herbal medicine is part of a larger healing system called Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). For thousands of years, traditional Chinese medicine has helped people improve their health, boost their immune systems, and ease short-term and chronic illnesses.

Herbs are prescribed to restore energy balance to the opposing forces of energy – Yin and Yang – that run through invisible channels in the body. Herbs can act on the body as powerfully as pharmaceutical meds and should be treated with the same caution and respect.


Our usage of mini herbal bags

What is the small herbal bag?

herbal tea

Our herbal bags

The small herbal bag is a new method to use a small quantity of powdered herbal medicine with unique formula for each patient.

TCM Practitioner-VirginiaVirginia JinAcupuncturist & Chiniese Herbalist
We use customized formula for different patients. The formula keeps changing based on patients’ conditions, their symptoms, pulses, and tongues, the weather, and the seasons. Even the same patient will receive different formula of herbal medicine each time.

What are the benefits of herbal bag?


  • Only use as tea bags!
  • Don’t need to decoct.
  • Time saving


  • Less strength of medicine taste
  • More easy to accept the smell and the flavour


  • More featured formula can work faster
  • Better clinical effect can be identified

*It is important to note that while Chinese herbs have been shown to have potential health benefits, more research is needed to fully understand their effectiveness and safety. It is also recommended to consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting any new treatment.

How do herbal bags work?

The ancients said that the human body has the instinct to adjust all imbalances and resolve all diseases.

Small prescriptions that use less medicine but are refined is to stimulate patients to restore this innate instinct so that patients can cure their diseases by themselves.

In addition, energy has the characteristics of lightweight and strong mobility. The changes produced in the human body are very fast, which can increase the impact movement of the cells in the body and restore function, while the substance is heavy, and the flow is slow, which is therapeutic.

herb bag

How to drink Herbal medicines?

  • Drink one bag per day
  • Each herbal bag can feed 0.8-1L water (or three glasses), and the taste will become thin after several times refilling.
  • Enjoy your day with herbals and keep strong!
how to drink herbs




  • This is the pathway to get the best result.
  • Charged on first visit and new treatment case only.
Herbal Prescription


  • Following treatments.


  • After Consultation.


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