Acupuncture and Wrist Pain Treatment

Pain is one of the most common clinical symptoms, and doctors have different understandings and treatment methods for pain. So how fast can pain be relieved? Taking wrist pain as an example, I will describe the three methods of acupuncture, knot unties, and bloodletting to treat pain.

Wrist pain, generally speaking, is the pain on the outside of the wrist joint, usually, the main points are taken from Ce-Sanli and Cexia-Sanli. Needle inserting point can be found by applying pressure onto the wrist, and feeling which area is the most painful. The most obvious pain point is inserted with a needle. After the puncture is finished, you need to move around with acupuncture.

If it’s not completely agile, look for the muscles on the forearm according to the location of the pain point.

What if there is blood stasis? It’s easy to find blood stasis in the meridian area where the pain point is.

Some people have pain on the inside of the wrist joint, and some people have carpal tunnel syndrome, which is the most stubborn.

For patients with carpal tunnel syndrome, I usually take the Sanyinjiao and Jiaoxin points on the contralateral side.

acupuncture and wrist pain treatment

acupuncture and wrist pain treatment

A needle is inserted near the medial ankle joint. It’s best if it produces an obvious numbness. A needle sensation is used to combat this numbness.

Then how do I solve the tendons? Go up on the forearm to find it, and then untie it.

Where is the bloodletting? Blood puncture and cupping can be done at the Backshu point, next to the spinous process of the thoracic vertebrae.

What is another way? You can also find blood stasis on the forearm and elbow joint.

acupuncture and wrist pain treatment

What if there is no blood stasis here? Look for blood stasis near the interdigital stripes at the end of the middle finger

You see, regulating qi, regulating blood, regulating menstruation if there is no obvious cold or hot in the body, you don’t need to think about it.

Overall adjustment. Some stubborn carpal tunnel syndromes do not require surgery and can be cured by acupuncture, such as
If the acupuncture method is in place, it will be effective two or three times.

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