Acupuncture & Infertility

15th May 2020 By Virginia Jin
There are many reports of acupuncture treatment of infertility in Chinese medicine, and its efficacy is generally recognized by people.
Case: Female, 35 years old, unable to become pregnant after 5 years of marriage. She was under big pressure. The first time she came with her mother was very sincere and requested treatment for her infertility. She originally planned to go to the Western Medicine Infertility Specialty for IVF surgery, but after a doctor’s examination, she found that although her menstruation came on time, she did not ovulate at all. FSH was very high 15.8 mlU / ML (normal 1.5-10 mlU / ML), accompanied by anemia, hemoglobin (Hb) is only 9.2 g / dl (normal 12.5-16g / dl). Not qualified for IVF, this specialist refused to perform IVF surgery for her and recommended the treatment by acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine . After 4 months of treatment and conditioning, her basal body temperature(BBT) and ovulation tests showed normal ovulation, FSH decreased to 8.7 mlU / ML, and hemoglobin (Hb) also reached 12.7g / dl, everything returned to normal. She went to the specialist doctor to perform IVF surgery, which was a success.
According to the causes and types of patients’ infertility, and the different stages they are in, there are three general treatments for infertility:
The first group: natural pregnancy group. Natural pregnancy after traditional Chinese medicine & acupuncture treatment, does not require any Western medicine. Some cases do not need to consider IUI or IVF at all. For example, they are 25-35 years old, have no organic lesions, but are dysfunctional, or have high FSH. We just monitor such as measuring basal body temperature(BBT) every morning, measuring ovulation during two mid-menstrual periods, and having a sexual life at an appropriate time, can be naturally pregnant.
The second group: prepare for IUI or IVF group. A period of treatment before starting artificial insemination or IVF. After conditioning by Chinese medicine acupuncture treatment, then do IUI or IVF. Some people do IVF several times, they all failed, and the specialist still advocated to try again, and the result may not be successful. It wasting money and time, and damaging the body. If you undergo IVF after 1-3 months of Chinese medicine treatment, the situation is very different. The success rate will increase by more than 50%. Interestingly, some cases are pregnant during the early preparation of IVF, the patient saves the IVF surgical steps, and naturally becomes pregnant.
The third group: cooperate with IUI or IVF group. Use acupuncture to cooperate with IVF surgery. Cooperate with acupuncture during the whole IVF surgery, and give different acupuncture and moxibustion treatment at different stages, which can greatly Improve success rate. This group usually does not use Chinese medicine.

Of course, each case requires a specific analysis. Each treatment requires a specific treatment plan. By acupuncture treatment or use Chinese medicine, or both together, how long it takes is different. After years of clinical practice, a complete set of treatment methods have been summarized, such as the selection of acupuncture points and the preparation of traditional Chinese medicine formulas. According to the menstrual cycle, different stages use the different treatment plan. For example, some acupuncture points can better regulate the female endocrine system, improve blood circulation around the uterus, and enhance the function and activity of eggs. The prescription of traditional Chinese medicine is mainly based on the etiology, for anovulatory menstruation, or high FSH caused by advanced age, low estradiol (E2), or thin uterine wall, or suffering from different gynecological diseases, such as ovarian cysts, uterus Fibroids and endometriosis need to be treated with different prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine.
In addition, there is another point to note is the cooperation of the patient and his family. Health food, less stress, good sleep…There are many successful cases of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for infertility treatment . In our clinic, the success rate of acupuncture treatment with traditional Chinese medicine is 70-80%.

Acupuncture therapy & Ankle Sprain

13 April 2020 By Tony Jiang
Sprain of ankle is a major disease of sports injury and the morbidity of it is highest among athletic injury illnesses (around 40%). The principal manifestation of ankle sprain can be viewed as soft tissue injury of ankle joint rather than fracture, dislocation, and skin damage.

The common clinical symptoms of ankle sprain include partial pain, swelling, claudication, and the limitation of joint motion. In addition, for lateral malleolus injury, the pain symptom will be aggravated if patients try to finish strephenopodia. Conversely, for Medial deltoid ligament injury, the local pain will be increased if patients attempt to do strephexopodia.

The main treatment therapy of ankle sprain includes brake, ice compress, conservative treatment (e.g. plaster immobilization) and the curative time is approximately 3-6 weeks. Moreover, the surgical treatment is essential to serious ankle sprain patients.

Acupuncture treatment is suitable for these patients without fracture. According to the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the major cause of this sports injury is “qi stagnation and blood stasis” and the therapeutic principle is “promoting qi to active blood”. Major acupoints of acupuncture service are Shangqiu, Jiexi, Zhongfen, Qiuxu, Kunlun, Taixi. For another, electric acupuncture treatment is most suitable to cure this illness. Acupuncturists commonly select the dilatational wave and the strength of electricity should be based on patients’ tolerance. Additionally, TDP treatment is effective assist treatment. The treatment time of acupuncture therapy is 20-30 minutes per time, 1 time per day, and 10 times per course.

Acupuncture therapy & Simple Obesity

11 May 2020 Tony Jiang

Obesity is a metabolic disease caused by interaction of multiple factors. The main clinical manifestation of obesity includes excessive accumulation and abnormal distribution of internal fat, weight increase, and imbalance of energy metabolism. Simple obesity accounts for about 95% of total obesity. Simple obesity can be divided to two types, constitutional and acquired obesity. The former is caused by congenital factors and the feature is widespread obesity, the latter is cause by acquired factors (i.e. unhealthy lifestyle and dietary habit).

Obesity has significantly negative impact on people’s health and it can decrease quality of life (QOL). The main hazard of this common illness typically includes lethality and pathogenicity. Obesity has been considered as a preventable lethal cause. According to epidemic data, approximately 111, 909 to 365, 000 persons in U.S. were killed by this illness per year. In addition, a lot of obese patients also suffer from other chronic disease, such as cardiovascular, diabetes, degenerating nature, arthritis, some cancers etc.,

The treatment method of obesity includes behavior therapy, medication, and operative therapy. Although these treatments have positive influence on controlling obesity, the deficiencies of them cannot be ignore. For example, orlistat medicine adversely impacts gastrointestinal function, and probably have side effect on kidneys. For another, the incidence of complications is 17% and around 7% of the patients need to receive second operation.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, this disease can be divided into a number of patterns of syndrome. The common patterns of obesity are spleen deficiency and gastrointestinal excessive hot. In recent years, acupuncture therapy has great impact on treating obesity. The acupuncture treatment of this disease includes two main types: electro-acupuncture and needle warming moxibustion. The main acupuncture points of electro-acupuncture method include Zhongwan, Daju, Tianshu, Huaroumen, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao, Biguan, etc. The waveform of electric acupuncture therapy is continuous wave. The treatment duration of obesity is 30 minutes every time, 15 times per treatment course. To slightly obese patients, one treatment duration will has positively influence on treating obesity. To moderately and severely obese people, 2-3 treatment duration is suitable.

Acupuncture therapy & External humeral epicondylitis

Acupuncture therapy & External humeral epicondylitis
28 March 2020 Tony Jiang

External humeral epicondylitis, is a common disease of sports injuries, and the popular name of this illness is tennis elbow. The most important symptom of tennis elbow is pain around the external condyle of the humerus. The extensor tendon of the forearm will be in a state of contraction and tension when we grasp some stuffs, for example, tennis racket. Overusing this muscle contributes to degeneration, laceration of the starting point of this tendon.

In addition to playing tennis, excessive exercises also lead to this illness, such as swimming, climbing, playing the guitar, and doing high-intensity work. For another, the trauma of elbow joint can result in external humeral epicondylitis. Based on which have been mentioned above, the underlying pathogenesis of tennis elbow is “slight fracture and inflammation on the starting point of extensor carpi tendon”.

The principle treatment method of tennis elbow is braking of articulation cubiti. The patients in first stage should avoid taking stuffs palm down, twisting off the bottle caps, and frying foods. Moreover, taking aspirin and injecting steroid medicine can eliminate inflammation and assist tendon recovery. The majority of patients don’t need to accept surgery therapy except for those whose symptoms cannot be relieved for a long period.

Acupuncture therapy can be considered as an effective treatment of external humeral epicondylitis. The principle of selecting acupoint are “basing on pain spot” and “according to the acupuncture channel”. The major acupoint of treating tennis elbow are pression point and four points which located on 1 cm from the main pression point. Furthermore, the minor acupoints are Quchi, Sousanli, Waiguan and so on. The key acupuncture points can be inserted 1-1.5cm down at a 45° or 90° angle. The minor acupuncture points can be inserted 2-3 cm down at a 90° angle. The treatment duration of acupuncture services is 30 minutes per time, five times per week, and 10 times per course.

In addition to playing tennis, excessive exercises also lead to this illness, such as swimming, climbing, playing the guitar, and doing high-intensity work. For another, the trauma of elbow joint can result in external humeral epicondylitis. Based on which have been mentioned above, the underlying pathogenesis of tennis elbow is “slight fracture and inflammation on the starting point of extensor carpi tendon”.

The principle treatment method of tennis elbow is braking of articulation cubiti. The patients in first stage should avoid taking stuffs palm down, twisting off the bottle caps, and frying foods. Moreover, taking aspirin and injecting steroid medicine can eliminate inflammation and assist tendon recovery. The majority of patients don’t need to accept surgery therapy except for those whose symptoms cannot be relieved for a long period.

Acupuncture therapy can be considered as an effective treatment of external humeral epicondylitis. The principle of selecting acupoint are “basing on pain spot” and “according to the acupuncture channel”. The major acupoint of treating tennis elbow are pression point and four points which located on 1 cm from the main pression point. Furthermore, the minor acupoints are Quchi, Sousanli, Waiguan and so on. The key acupuncture points can be inserted 1-1.5cm down at a 45° or 90° angle. The minor acupuncture points can be inserted 2-3 cm down at a 90° angle. The treatment duration of acupuncture services is 30 minutes per time, five times per week, and 10 times per course.

Traditional Chinese medicine for COVID-19 treatment

1. Summary
The current 2019-nCoV outbreak is moving rapidly [1], the cumulative number of confirmed cases in mainland China has reached 80151, with 47,204 (58.89 %) cured cases and 2943 (3.67 %) deaths as of 2-Mar-2020, and no specific drug has been discovered for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). However, a number of clinical practice results showed that traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) plays significant role in the treatment of COVID-19, bringing new hope for the prevention and control of COVID-19.
TCM has a long history and played an indispensable role in the prevention and treatment of several epidemic diseases. During the SARS epidemic in 2003, the intervention of TCM has also achieved remarkable therapeutic effect. During the treatment period of COVID-19, more than 3100 medical staff of TCM were dispatched to Hubei province, and TCM scheme was included in the guideline on diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 [2], and TCM experts fully participate in the whole rescue process. The decoction, Chinese patent medicine, acupuncture and other characteristic therapy of TCM was comprehensively employed, mainly treated based on syndrome differentiation. Specific TCM wards were set up, and established the designated hospital, moreover, TCM team participates in treatment collectively. Currently, the total number of confirmed cases treated by TCM has reached 60,107 [3]. In 102 cases of mild symptoms treated with TCM, the clinical symptom disappearance time was shortened by 2 days, the recovery time of body temperature was shortened by 1.7 days, the average length of stay in hospital was shortened by 2.2 days, the improvement rate of CT image was increased by 22 %, the clinical cure rate was increased by 33 %, 27.4 % reduction in the rate of common to severe cases and 70 % increase in lymphocyte.3 In addition, in the treatment of severe patients with TCM, the average length of stay in hospital and the time of nucleic acid turning negative has been shortened by more than 2 days.
From current treatment results, TCM based on an over-all symptoms of 2019-nCoV pneumonia patients, has suggested to prescribe prescription that are likely to be effective, such as qingfei paidu decoction (QPD), gancaoganjiang decoction, sheganmahuang decoction, qingfei touxie fuzheng recipe, etc. QPD which consisted of Ephedrae Herba, Glycyrrhizae Radix et Rhizoma Praeprata cum Melle, Armeniacae Semen Amarum, Gypsum Fibrosum, Cinnamomi Ramulus, Alismatis Rhizoma, Polyporus, Atractylodis Macrocephalae Rhizoma, Poria, Bupleuri Radix, Scutellariae Radix, Pinelliae Rhizoma Praepratum cum Zingibere et Alumine, Zingiberis Rhizoma Recens, Asteris Radix et Rhizoma, Farfarae Flos, Belamcandae Rhizoma, Asari Radix et Rhizoma, Dioscoreae Rhizoma, Aurantii Fructus Immaturus, Citri Reticulatae Pericarpium, and Pogostemonis Herba, has been promoted as a general prescription in the diagnosis and treatment plan of COVID-19 in China [2]. Among the 701 confirmed cases treated by QPD, 130 cases were cured and discharged, clinical symptoms of 51 cases disappeared, 268 cases of symptoms improved, and 212 cases of stable symptoms without aggravation [3]. The effective cure rate of QPD against COVID-19 is over 90 %. According to the theory of TCM, the target organ location of COVID-19 is the lung, and the etiology attribute is “damp and toxin plague”. The network pharmacology analysis showed that QPD has an overall regulatory effect via multi-component and multi-target. The primary site of pharmacological action is the lung, as 16 herbs to lung meridian, which indicated that the decoction is mainly specific for lung diseases. In addition, it can play the role of dehumidification through the rise and fall of the spleen and stomach, and exhibited the protection for heart, kidney and other organs. Among the potential targets screen, most of them co-expressed with ACE-2, the receptor of COVID-19, indicating the potential improvement of COVID-19. It can inhibit the replication of COVID-19 by acting on multiple ribosomal proteins. COVID-19 can lead to strong immune response and inflammatory storm [4]. Functional enrichment analysis showed that QPD could inhibit and alleviate excessive immune response and eliminate inflammation by regulating immune related pathway and cytokine action related pathway [5]. Furthermore, through the prediction of molecular docking, it was found that patchouli alcohol, ergosterol and shionone in the formula had better anti−COVID-19 effect, which provided new molecule structures for new drug development [6].
Here, we take one highly suspected COVID-19 patient treated with TCM as a case example to show its effectiveness [7]. The male patient was on a business trip in Wuhan for several days before the onset of the disease. During the admission period, fever and cough were repeated, and respiratory rales of both lungs were not obvious. Western medicine was used firstly, including orally take oseltamivir phosphate capsule, intravenous infusion of ganciclovir, aerosol inhalation of recombinant human interferon a1b, etc. Although the nucleic acid test was negative, the results of chest CT showed that the fusion of two lung ground glass shadows was enlarged and the density was increased, which was more advanced than that of admission (Fig. 1a-1c). As the serious illness, combined with the patient’s performance of damp-heat syndrome, and the heat is more serious than damp, QPD was added for treatment. On the night of administration, the body temperature dropped to 36.2 ℃, and then tended to be normal. After 6 days of treatment, chest CT was better than before, tracheobronchial shadow was normal, and inflammation was obviously absorbed (Fig. 1d). The patient had no fever or asthenia, coughing occasionally, and the rales of two lungs were weaker than before. After discharge, continue to take 7 doses of the prescription, occasionally cough, no special discomfort was found. The clinical symptoms and imaging examination of the patients improved significantly after the treatment, reflecting the advantages of TCM.

TCM has own characteristics such as holistic concept, balance of Yin and Yang, syndrome differentiation and treatment, strengthening the body resistance to eliminate pathogenic factors. TCM has thousands of years of experience in regulating the body and enhancing the resistance to epidemic diseases, with unique insights and prevention and control experience. For mild and common patients, the early intervention of TCM can effectively prevent the disease from transforming into severe and critical disease. In the severe cases, TCM has won time for rescuing them by improving symptoms ( Treatment practice of COVID-19 showed that early intervention of TCM is important way to improve cure rate, shorten the course of disease, delay disease progression and reduce mortality rate. Furthermore, the reason why TCM works is not only to inhibit the virus, but might block the infection, regulate the immune response, cut off the inflammatory storm, and promote the repair of the body. Moreover, the prevention and control measures of COVID-19 fully reflect the ideology of “preventive treatment of disease”. Apart from the epidemic diseases recorded in the Han Dynasty should be isolated, the preventive measures of TCM also include psychology, sports, diet, medication, etc.
In the next prevention and control work of COVID-19, it should give full play to the advantages of TCM in syndrome differentiation and the whole therapeutic effect, reduce the complications as well as death rate. Besides, the scientific research should also be carried out on the TCM with definite curative effective of COVID-19, to comprehensively evaluating its action mechanism and in-depth understanding COVID-19.
Declaration of Competing Interest
There are no conflicts to declare.
This work was supported by grants from the Voluntary Research Project of 2019-nCoV Pneumonia, and Key Program of Natural Science Foundation of State (Grant No. 81830110, 81861168037, 81973745, 81903818, 81430093), Heilongjiang Touyan Innovation Team Program.
Appendix A. Supplementary data
The following is Supplementary data to this article:
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China novel coronavirus investigating and research team. A novel coronavirus from patients with pneumonia in China, 2019
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National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China.

Piriformis syndrom with acupuncture treatment

17th March 2020 by Virginia Jin

For patients with piriformis injury, it is easy to cause edema and hyperplasia of the piriformis muscle, which will cause compression of the passing sciatic nerve, which will cause hip pain, and it will easily cause radiation pain in the legs. It takes 2 to 4 weeks for the edema and hyperplasia caused by piriformis injury to resolve.
Therefore, once piriformis injury occurs, it is necessary to stay in bed in time to avoid excessive weight bearing and bending activities of the affected limb, and to avoid squatting and jumping activities to create conditions for edema and hyperplasia. Generally, after 2 to 4 weeks, the edema and hyperplasia of the piriformis will gradually be absorbed and subsided, so that the symptoms of piriformis injury will be completely restored.

Most patients have a significant history of trauma and cold exposure, such as lifting heavy objects while squatting, taking heavy objects from the ground while standing down, and standing up from a lower sofa. Pain in the waist or hips, or deep soreness on one side of the hips, and radiation pain in one side of the lower limbs along the back of the thighs and the back of the calves. The patient’s symptoms worsened when he squatted. Straight leg elevation test was positive, hallux dorsiflexion weakened, and piriformis tenderness. In acute injury, a thumb-like palpation can be found on palpation of the thumb, and tenderness is very obvious; in chronic injury, there is a feeling of emptiness in the buttocks when the fingers touch, diffuse blunt thickening of the piriformis muscle, or localized stiffness of the muscle bundle, elasticity and toughness Significantly reduced (indicates muscle atrophy). The acupuncture treatment method is to dispel wind and dispel cold, sparse meridian and activate collaterals. According to the painful site and radiation path, the acupoints are selected based on the solar bladder meridian of the foot and the bile meridian of the foot.
Acupuncture points: the upper acupoint, the second concubine, the rank side, and the ring jump are the main points. Yinmen, Weizhong, and Kunlun are the acupuncture points. Differentiating acupuncture points and taking wind-cold and damp-resistance plus Mingmen, Fengmen, Qi stagnation and blood stasis plus Xuehai, Qiyu. The upper and lower bows were inserted 5 cm down at a 60 ° angle, and the twist and diarrhea method was quickly inserted for 2 minutes, resulting in a strong needle feel, which was tolerated by the patient. The rank edge and the ring jump straight at 6.63 ~ 10 cm, and the lifting and inserting method is used to conduct the needle sensation to the lower limbs and cause an electric shock-like sensation, and the buttocks have a strong soreness. Yinmen, Venezuela, and Kunlun regard vigor as the degree. Leave the needle at each point for 30 minutes, and move the needle once every 15 minutes.

Acupuncture treatment is performed once every other day, and 10 times is a course of treatment. After each course of treatment, rest 3 to 5 days, and then perform another course of treatment.
After 1 course of treatment, 37 patients were cured, 9 cases were cured, 16 cases were markedly improved, 10 cases were improved, and 2 cases were ineffective, with an effective rate of 94.6%; the unrecovered cases were improved after the second course of treatment. One case was invalid, and the total effective rate was 97.3%.

Acupuncture therapy for Polycystic ovary syndrome

Acupuncture therapy for Polycystic ovary syndrome
10 March 2020 Tony Jiang

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a systemic metabolic disorder illness which is closely related to reproductive system and endocranium system, and PCOS is also called Stein-Leventhal syndrome. PCOS is considered as a complex disease and it adversely impact approximately 5%-15% premenopausal women in the world. Up to now, the pathogenesis of this disease is still uncertain and the core pathomechanism is insulin resistance and hyperandrogenism. Additionally, the important clinical features of PCOS include chronic and persistent anovulation, the enlargement of unilateral or bilateral ovarian and present cystic change, androgen excess, etc. For another, the clinical manifestations of this gynecological sickness are menstrual disorder, infertility, hairiness, acne and about 50% PCOS patients suffer from overweight and obesity.

The modern medical treatments for PCOS are decreasing weight and medication treatment. Reducing weight includes diet control, sports therapy, and behavioral therapy. The major drugs of medication therapy are thiazolidinediones and biguanide. Currently, metformin is thought to be priority drug of treating PCOS. Although this medicine has obvious clinical curative effect, the side-effect of metformin has caused public concern, such as diarrhea, nausea, headache and so on.

In addition to modern medicine, the viewpoint of traditional Chinese medicine has its own individual characteristics. In recent ten years, a large amount of TCM researches found that the etiology of PCOS is closely linked to the dysfunction of liver, spleen, and kidney. The deficiency of kidney and phlegm-damp are the major pathomechanism of PCOS. Moreover, the main types of PCOS are Shen-yang deficiency, Spleen-yang insufficiency, phlegm-damp occlusion and so on.

Acupuncture therapy is a primary treatment of traditional Chinese medicine as acupuncture service has been proved to be an effective, safe, and no side-effect treatment approach. The basic principle of acupuncture of PCOS is combining dialectical treatment with main symptom of this illness. The major idea of acupuncture therapy is “tonifying kidney”. In addition, many acupuncture points of PCOS belong to the conception vessel, the governing vessel, the kidney channel, the spleen channel, and the liver channel. For example, Guanyuan, Qihan, Sanyinjiao, Pishu, Tianshu, Dahe, etc. The treatment period is usually 3 times per week, 1 month is 1 treatment course, and continuous treatment for 3 months.

Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine treatment for migraine

Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine treatment for migraine
By Virginia Jin 04/03/2020

Couse of Migraine

At present, the etiology of migraine is still unclear. Some migraine patients have a family genetic history, so it is believed that heredity and migraine have a certain relationship, and migraine patients often have obvious family clustering. In addition, migraine is also closely related to diet. Some patients may have migraine attacks after eating sweets, such as chocolate and red wine. During menstruation, some women also cause migraine due to the secretion of hormones. Therefore, related studies believe that there is a relationship between endocrine and migraine. Other mental factors can also induce migraines, such as those in anxiety and depression.

Traditional Chinese medicine treats migraine with emphasis on dialectical treatment of the patient’s pathogenesis and clinical manifestations, that is, according to the specific conditions of each patient. Traditional Chinese medicine treats migraine by dialectical treatment from liver wind, phlegm and blood stasis. Such as liver yang hyperactivity, wind and fire-related “head wind”, mostly manifested as sudden headache, showing throbbing pain or swelling, severe pain, accompanied by nausea and vomiting, dry mouth and bitter. For those with cold hands and feet during headache, exacerbation of cold, nausea and vomiting, and weak tongue, generally the syndrome of deficiency of the cold is mainly warm-yang. Different syndromes should be treated with different prescriptions. Generally, cold medicine is used for hot syndrome, and cold medicine is used for cold syndrome. If female patients often experience migraine before menstruation, they can take Jiawei Xiaoyao Pills together; when they have headaches, their hands and feet become cold, or they are usually afraid of cold. People with fever can take Zhibai Dihuang Pills; when migraine attacks are induced after a cold, they can be treated with Zhiju Shangqing pills or Chuanxiong tea tune granules.

Acupuncture treatment of migraine, the effect is currently one of the preferred methods of the entire migraine treatment, or even the preferred method. Because acupuncture treatment of migraine is not only in the acute phase, the onset of pain, or the early stage of large-scale headache, it can relieve pain, eliminate the clinical symptoms of migraine, and relieve the patient’s pain. More often, when migraine does not occur, it will also prevent headache and some related primary diseases, or have a special and irreplaceable role in the adjustment of overall function. And this method has no side effects, and sometimes through self-regulation, rather than just through drug regulation to achieve analgesic effect, that is to say, it can cure both the symptoms and the root cause.

Treatment is usually one to three months, and follow-up is three months after stopping treatment.

Acupuncture therapy & Knee Osteoarthritis

Acupuncture therapy & Knee Osteoarthritis
1 March 2020 Tony Jiang

Knee Osteoarthritis is also named as degenerative knee joint disease. It is a common and frequently-occurring disease among middle aged and old aged people. The morbidity of this degenerative illness is particularly high among elderly group and the amount of female patients is more than male patients. Additionally, the main characteristic of this disease is the degenerative and damage of cartilago articularis, hyperosteogeny, osteophyte formation of adjacent subchondral bone plate and joint edge.

The main clinical manifestations of knee osteoarthritis are knee pain, knee swelling,
knee stiffness, and knee joint deformation. These distressing symptoms further lead to serious dysfunction of knee joint and adversely affect the quality of daily life. There are some causes of this joint disease such as overweight, age, excessive usage, hormonal changes, genetic factor, and systemic disease (rheumatoid arthritis). Currently, the modern medical treatment of early stage and middle stage patients is non-operative treatment which includes taking non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug, taking glucosamine, injecting sodium hyaluronate into articular cavity. The treatment of later period patients is mainly artificial joint replacement. However, the usage of non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug has obvious gastrointestinal and renal side effects. Moreover, the surgical therapy has infected risk.

Acupuncture therapy has a significant advantage in treating knee osteoarthritis. Acupuncture treatment can effectively eliminate the swelling, relieving pain for a long time, reduce seizure frequency, and the side effect of acupuncture service is very little. The acupuncture treatment of this disease includes two main types: electro-acupuncture and needle warming moxibustion. The key acupuncture points are Dubi, Neixiyan, Heding, Xuehai, Liangqiu, Zusanli, etc. The treatment duration of is 30 minutes every time, 3 times every week, 6 times every treatment course. For electric-acupuncture therapy, the intensity of electric current generally depends on patients’ tolerance degree.

Shoulder pain, Frozen shoulder (Periarthritis of shoulder ) & Acupuncture

By Virginia Jin 25th Feb 2020

Shoulder pain, Frozen shoulder (Periarthritis of shoulder ),the shoulder cant lift. There are some common reasons .
1.Rotator cuff injury, there will be a recent history of overuse of the shoulder joint or sports injury history. Typically, the pain is aggravated when the shoulder joint is actively abducted, while it is not obvious when the shoulder joint is passively moved.
2, Frozen shoulder (Periarthritis of shoulder), happen on middle age person around 50 years old and women morn then man ,left shoulder more then right shoulder , the typical performance is the initial abduction of the shoulder joint pain is not obvious, only when the abduction to nearly 90 degrees, the sudden emergence of pain and pain in the shoulder joint after the extension of the situation .Pain worse on night time when the sleeping
3. Gouty arthritis of the shoulder joints usually has a history of eating a high-purine diet before pain, such as seafood and beans.

Frozen shoulder ( Periarthritis of shoulder) is a very common disease in clinical practice, its pathological manifestations are shoulder muscle tension spasm and adhesion, causing shoulder pain and shoulder joint movement limitation, acupuncture treatment for periarthritis of shoulder treatment is very good, we generally recommend the focus of acupuncture, there are two types. First, acupoint acupuncture method, we can needling the pain points of the shoulder, we call it ‘ASHI’ point ,it direct toward to pain spots .Second, we can needling common points of the shoulder, such as dazhui, jianjin, jianzhen, tianzong can be used as the key points of acupuncture.
We can also apply the warm acupuncture method, that is, acupuncture and moxibustion can be done locally at the acupuncture points, which is called warm acupuncture, and the other method is called electroacupuncture, which means that we attach electric needles to the acupuncture points, which can stimulate with electricity, and the effect is also very good.

How many of acupuncture treatment for frozen shoulder (periarthritis of shoulder )?
Acupuncture is generally 5 to 10 times for a course of treatment, the specific course of treatment depends on different conditions. If the patient is sensitive to acupuncture, has a strong sense of acupuncture, has a short course of disease( not longer then 3 months ), and the treatment is timely, the pain can be significantly relieved after a course of treatment. If the clinical course of patients with long, into the shoulder joint and stringy badly, or muscle disuse atrophy, the acupuncture treatment needs the number of times may be longer in general, could be 15 to 20 times treatment