Migraine and Acupuncture

A few patients came into the clinic with a severe migraine, mostly females instead of males. When they came to see me they all had similar conditions, severe headaches of varying intensity, sensitive eyes, blocked ears, some patients have nausea, can’t concentrate on driving. In other words, life was very uncomfortable.

When patients came to see me they already had 2 days of headache and after taking some pain killers, it still didn’t help. For migraine patients, I usually check their blood pressure first and if it’s the first time seeing me I would try and find out whether they had any previous head injuries, anything else like surgery or tumour of the brain, or anything like that in the past and is currently taking medication for. As for female patients, it’s usually caused by period pains, menopause or depression. For male patients, this is usually aggravated by pressure before competitions. e.g sports (I had a patient who plays competitive rugby who had high-pressure training, he gets severe migraine and neck problems as well).

Acupuncture treat migraine with very good results. I treated a patient recently that’s getting severe migraine while doing a big art exhibition from overseas, migraine was brought on from too much pressure on himself, he had a migraine for 2 weeks when he came to see me. Before he came to see me he took a lot of pain killers but it still didn’t help. This patient came back to New Zealand from overseas to see because when he returned home, he had an MRI scan for his brain, electrocardiogram and blood pressure checked, and everything appears to be normal but was still getting headaches.

I treated him for 3 days. After the first day, he can fall sleep but the headaches are still there, however it was not very severe. After the second day of the treatment, his headache pain level had reduced by 70%. After the third day, he told me the headache was almost gone but it was still a little bit pain, definitely not like it was when he first came to see me. I also did a follow-up treatment for his stiff neck. There are also patients that get mixed results from either couldn’t get to see me after the first treatment or only treat it once or twice, best results is usually after 4 treatments. 30% of people will get worse after first-time treatment, we called it “MING XUAN”, and this is a good sign as your body is getting information to restart the healing process.

For chronic symptoms, I suggested to my patients to make a regular treatment plan to make sure we get the best possible results.

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