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Back Pain and Knee Pain - Case Review

Female, 50+ years old, has left knee sore for over a year, in the last a few days she can’t sleep, aching knee keep her awake the whole night.

A few time during the night she has to get up and moved it around to try and ease the pain. Specialist diagnosis result  – Arthritis.

She doesn’t want to take any medicines.

Came to see me after she saw my business sign on the footbath. I checked her pulse and tongue and made a treatments plan:

Tonify her body defence qi and smooth her GB meridian, after 3 times of treatments, aching is gone, only one spot “nei xi yan” sore. She had one hour of therapeutic massage by the massage therapist to release her adductor brevis, sartorius, vastus medialis, gastrocnemius m etc, use the NONI juice and massage her leg by herself when she got back home. She had 5 treatments, obvious big improvement.


Back Pain and Knee Pain - Case Review

Male, 40+ years old, injured his back and was recommended by a friend to come and see me. He came to the clinic by taxi as he couldn’t walk, even from just down the road. He found it very difficult to walk up the steps and very hard to sit down or bend his back.

Gave his one needle on “REN ZHONG”, same time do exercise on his back, after 5 minutes, he told me he had a 30% improvement,

I treat him by acu local points and distal acupoints for him after 3 times treatments, he told me he will back work next week because the back is now ok.

Dr Virginia Jin, ACC approved member of NZASA. years of experience in treating various pains and discomforts, focusing on period pains, digestion disorder, etc. Almost 20 years of health science experiences from 5 generations of family Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

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