Acupuncturist in NZ


Virginia Jin

Acupuncturist in NZ

Virginia Jin Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has 20 years health Science experiences both in China and New Zealand.

A bachelor of Health Science of Acupuncture in New Zealand (NZ), as well as many years of experiences in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at hospitals. Ponsonby Wellness was set up by Virginia in 2012, located in Ponsonby, and she received great feedback from her patients. Virginia treats various pains such as migraines, period pains, muscle pain and her treatments are also very successful with fertility life, gynecologic disorder and women health care.

Virginia has proven to help with anxiety, depression, stress and insomnia.

Virginia uses fewer needles and Chinese herbal medicines in her methods to help you recover as soon as possible.

Using an alternative and natural way without any Meds, she has confidence and is experienced in helping her patients to recover from illnesses.

Virginia combined TCM therapy and modern medicine to help her patients to get the best treatments to plan for a better health.

Virginia has:

  • A family of 5 generations in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)
  • Bachelor of Health Science, NZ registered acupuncturist provided by NZ Acupuncture Standards Authority (NZASA), Approved ACC
  • Diploma of Science in Pharmaceutical
  • Bachelor of Finance and Economics
  • Dr Rona Wang represents gynecopathy in- NZ, 2009
  • Presented by professor Shou Xiao Yun Chinese pulse and Diagnosis workshop in- Auckland, 2011
  • Master Qi Yong Navel Acupuncture workshop in- China, 2015
  • Master Miao Zhen/Miao Kai’s Royalty Fitness Muscle Strength Manipulation Therapy & Acupuncture Channel in –Auckland NZ, 2017
  • Master Zhao Shi Xiao herbal formula treatments in- Auckland, 2018
  • Master Miao Zhen/Miao Kai’s Advanced Clinical Assessment and Application of Royalty Fitness Muscle Strength Manipulation Therapy & Acupuncture Channel in Auckland- NZ, 2018
  • Presented by Kirsten Wolfe, in Fertile Life Method - NZ, 2019
Vivi Sheppard

Vivi Sheppard, receptionist

Vivi has grown under families of 6 generations in medicine and is currently studying Bachelor of Health Science at the University of Auckland.

Vivi is optimistic, cheerful, and loves travelling.

She takes care of:

  • phone calls and bookings.
  • general emails and Facebook messages.
  • website blog updates and administrations.



Acupuncturist in NZ

Hippocrates is widely considered to be the “Father of Medicine”. His contributions revolutionized the practice of medicine. His  Hippocrates Oath indicates: Be grateful to the knowledge imparter; Seek benefits for the client and do what you are capable of; Never use professional convenience to do wicked or illegal things; Strictly keep secrets, that is, respect personal privacy and guard business secrets. As the medical staff of our team, we must follow this oath.


Tailored treatments

We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach, so you’re treated as an individual at every step during the assessment and treatment plan.

Easy booking process

We know you’re busy, so we make the booking process as easy as possible. Booking online or call (09) 360-1229

Central location with a maximum of 2 hours free parking around Brown and surrounding streets.

We're not just an Acupuncture clinic we focus on your overall health using alternative methods to treat pain and illness instead of using Meds.

Acupuncturist in NZ

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