Acupuncture therapy for Polycystic ovary syndrome
10 March 2020 Tony Jiang

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a systemic metabolic disorder illness which is closely related to the reproductive system and endocranium system, and PCOS is also called Stein-Leventhal syndrome. PCOS is considered as a complex disease and it adversely impacts approximately 5%-15% premenopausal women in the world. Up to now, the pathogenesis of this disease is still uncertain and the core pathomechanism is insulin resistance and hyperandrogenism. Additionally, the important clinical features of PCOS include chronic and persistent anovulation, the enlargement of unilateral or bilateral ovarian and present cystic change, androgen excess, etc. For another, the clinical manifestations of this gynecological sickness are menstrual disorder, infertility, hairiness, acne and about 50% of PCOS patients suffer from overweight and obesity.


Polycystic ovary syndrome

The modern medical treatments for PCOS are decreasing weight and medication treatment. Reducing weight includes diet control, sports therapy, and behavioural therapy. The major Meds of medication therapy are thiazolidinediones and biguanide. Currently, metformin is thought to be priority Meds of treating PCOS. Although this medicine has an obvious clinical curative effect, the side-effect of metformin has caused public concern, such as diarrhea, nausea, headache and so on.

In addition to modern medicine, the viewpoint of traditional Chinese medicine has its own individual characteristics. In recent ten years, a large amount of TCM researches found that the etiology of PCOS is closely linked to the dysfunction of liver, spleen, and kidney. The deficiency of kidney and phlegm-damp are the major pathomechanism of PCOS. Moreover, the main types of PCOS are Shen-yang deficiency, Spleen-yang insufficiency, phlegm-damp occlusion and so on.

Acupuncture therapy is a primary treatment of traditional Chinese medicine as acupuncture service has been proved to be an effective, safe, and no side-effect treatment approach. The basic principle of acupuncture of PCOS is combining dialectical treatment with the main symptom of this illness. The major idea of acupuncture therapy is “tonifying kidney”. In addition, many acupuncture points of PCOS belong to the conception vessel, the governing vessel, the kidney channel, the spleen channel, and the liver channel. For example, Guanyuan, Qihan, Sanyinjiao, Pishu, Tianshu, Dahe, etc. The treatment period is usually 3 times per week, 1 month is 1 treatment course and continuous treatment for 3 months.

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