Piriformis Syndrome with Acupuncture Treatment

17th March 2020 by Virginia Jin

For patients with a piriformis injury, it is easy to cause edema and hyperplasia of the piriformis muscle, which will cause compression of the passing sciatic nerve and hip pain, as well as radiating pain in the legs. It takes 2 to 4 weeks for the edema and hyperplasia caused by piriformis injury to resolve. Therefore, once piriformis injury occurs, it is necessary to stay in bed in time to avoid excessive weight-bearing and bending activities of the affected limb and to avoid squatting and jumping activities to create conditions for edema and hyperplasia. Generally, after 2 to 4 weeks, the edema and hyperplasia of the piriformis will gradually be absorbed and subsided, so that the symptoms of piriformis injury will be completely restored.

Most patients have a significant history of trauma and cold exposure, such as lifting heavy objects while squatting, taking heavy objects from the ground while standing down, and standing up from a lower sofa. Pain in the waist or hips, or deep soreness on one side of the hips, and radiating pain in one side of the lower limbs along the back of the thighs and the back of the calves. The patient’s symptoms worsened when he squatted. Straight leg elevation test was positive, hallux dorsiflexion weakened, and piriformis tenderness. In an acute injury, thumb-like palpation can be found on palpation of the thumb, and tenderness is very obvious; in chronic injury, there is a feeling of emptiness in the buttocks when the fingers touch, diffuse blunt thickening of the piriformis muscle, or localized stiffness of the muscle bundle, elasticity and toughness Significantly reduced (indicates muscle atrophy). The acupuncture treatment method is to dispel wind and dispel cold, sparse meridian and activate collaterals. According to the painful site and radiation path, the acupoints are selected based on the solar bladder meridian of the foot and the bile meridian of the foot.


Piriformis Syndrome with Acupuncture Treatment

Piriformis syndrome treatment

Piriformis syndrome treatment with acupuncture points: the upper acupoint, the second concubine, the rank side, and the ring jump are the main points. Yinmen, Weizhong, and Kunlun are the acupuncture points. Differentiating acupuncture points and taking wind-cold and damp-resistance plus Mingmen, Fengmen, Qi stagnation and blood stasis plus Xuehai, Qiyu. The upper and lower bows were inserted 5 cm down at a 60 ° angle, and the twist and diarrhea method was quickly inserted for 2 minutes, resulting in a strong needle feel, which was tolerated by the patient. The rank edge and the ring jump straight at 6.63 ~ 10 cm, and the lifting and inserting method is used to conduct the needle sensation to the lower limbs and cause an electric shock-like sensation, and the buttocks have a strong soreness. Yinmen, Venezuela, and Kunlun regard vigour as the degree. Leave the needle at each point for 30 minutes, and move the needle once every 15 minutes.

Acupuncture treatment is performed once every other day, and 10 times is a course of treatment. After each course of treatment, rest 3 to 5 days, and then perform another course of treatment.

After 1 course of treatment, 37 patients were cured, 9 cases were cured, 16 cases were markedly improved, 10 cases were improved, and 2 cases were ineffective, with an effective rate of 94.6%; the unrecovered cases were improved after the second course of treatment. One case was invalid, and the total effective rate was 97.3%.

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