Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine treatment for migraine
By Virginia Jin 04/03/2020


Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine treatment for migraine

At present, the etiology of migraine is still unclear. Some migraine patients have a family genetic history, so it is believed that heredity and migraine have a certain relationship, and migraine patients often have obvious family clustering. Also, migraine is closely related to diet. Some patients may have migraine attacks after eating sweets, such as chocolate and red wine. During menstruation, some women also cause migraine due to the secretion of hormones. Therefore, related studies believe that there is a relationship between endocrine and migraine. Other mental factors can also induce migraines, such as those in anxiety and depression.

Traditional Chinese medicine treats migraine with emphasis on the dialectical treatment of the patient’s pathogenesis and clinical manifestations, that is, according to the specific conditions of each patient. Traditional Chinese medicine treats migraine by dialectical treatment from liver wind, phlegm and blood stasis. Such as liver yang hyperactivity, wind and fire-related “headwind”, mostly manifested as sudden headache, showing throbbing pain or swelling, severe pain, accompanied by nausea and vomiting, dry mouth and bitter. For those with cold hands and feet during headache, exacerbation of cold, nausea and vomiting, and weak tongue, generally the syndrome of deficiency of the cold is mainly warm-yang. Different syndromes should be treated with different prescriptions. Generally, cold medicine is used for hot syndrome, and cold medicine is used for the cold syndrome. If female patients often experience migraine before menstruation, they can take Jiawei Xiaoyao Pills together; when they have headaches, their hands and feet become cold, or they are usually afraid of cold. People with fever can take Zhibai Dihuang Pills; when migraine attacks are induced after a cold, they can be treated with Zhiju Shangqing pills or Chuanxiong tea tune granules.

Acupuncture treatment of migraine, the effect is currently one of the preferred methods of the entire migraine treatment or even the preferred method. Because acupuncture treatment of migraine is not only in the acute phase, the onset of pain, or the early stage of large-scale headache, it can relieve pain, eliminate the clinical symptoms of migraine, and relieve the patient’s pain. More often, when migraine does not occur, it will also prevent headache and some related primary diseases, or have a special and irreplaceable role in the adjustment of overall function. And this method has no side effects, and sometimes through self-regulation, rather than just through Meds regulation to achieve the analgesic effect, that is to say, it can cure both the symptoms and the root cause.

Treatment is usually one to three months, and follow-up is three months after stopping treatment.


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