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The activation of acupuncture sites during acupuncture therapy might aid in enhancing bodily circulation. The body may then be naturally healed and the recurring metabolic issues can be resolved.

Acupuncture is also known as a miracle cure. At Ponsonby Wellness Centre, we adhere to a multifaceted approach to your body’s energy and wellness, although this needle treatment is its primary focus. Instead of providing symptomatic treatment, our acupuncture treatments target imbalances, muscular spasms, tension, and strain throughout the whole body.

Women, Pregnancy, and Acupuncture 

Acupuncture has been found in clinical research to be effective in treating women-specific illnesses like endometriosis symptoms including pain and menstrual irregularities. It is recommended for women to have acupuncture at certain points in the menstrual cycle.

Acupuncture is a lower-risk therapy method and has a significant position among the available treatment choices due to worries about the hazards of even over-the-counter pain drugs for the growing baby. According to reports, 4–13 % of women in Europe used acupuncture during pregnancy or childbirth. Similar numbers have been found in the US, and back discomfort was the main reason why women searched out alternative medicine. Thousands of pregnant women probably seek acupuncture for lower back pain. The body acupuncture method is usually supported by the few published controlled studies that show a reduction in pain.

It has been established that acupuncture has the power to calm patients. Any patient who visits Ponsonby Wellness Centre, whatever their reason for visiting, feels calm after undergoing the therapy. Acupuncture is an excellent approach to give your body and mind the chance to feel what being fully relaxed.

In women, pregnancy-related pain includes low back discomfort, and pelvic girdle pain, these are also described as torso pregnancy-related pain.  Because accurate diagnosis may be difficult and many women report that their symptoms overlap or are hard to address.

A prevalent ailment that may have an impact on functionality and quality of life, lumbopelvic discomfort in pregnancy has been treated with acupuncture by clinic-based acupuncturists at Ponsonby Wellness Centre.

Acupuncture and Ponsonby Wellness Centre

Women’s health problems that influence gynaecology and women’s health have long been treated by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM acknowledges that everything in the body is interconnected rather than focusing on the specific symptoms a woman is exhibiting. According to TCM, qi and blood flow are indicators of metabolic activity. The nature of the menstrual cycle assists in understanding the features of qi and blood flow. Women and men are seeking therapy for infertility at an increasing rate nowadays.

AT Ponsonby Wellness Centre female health issues can be addressed with the help of acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal therapy. This technique may assist in promoting the body’s Qi and blood circulation while also reviving the body. This combination may significantly improve treatment outcomes even during pregnancy.

Many of the pregnant women we meet at Ponsonby Wellness Centre have back pain. Many pregnant women have back discomfort at some point throughout their pregnancy. It may happen at any point in a pregnancy and can be anything from a little irritation to completely incapacitating. The use of acupuncture for back or pelvic discomfort during pregnancy is well supported by scientific data.

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