Many couples search for natural ways to treat their problems, including infertility. Natural fertility clinics like “Ponsonby Wellness Centre” is the first choice of couples who want to get pregnant naturally and feel like they’re doing everything they can to achieve that goal. They visit natural fertility clinics with trust. That’s why we can assist them whether they have just begun trying and want to improve their chances of conceiving naturally. We cooperate and want to know their reproductive potential or issues in getting pregnant.

Many couples attempting to conceive naturally want to be confident, have a strategy in mind, and don’t want the approach to be surrounded by medicines.

The following are some general principles for natural fertility approaches.

Stress is a part of fertility therapy that affects differently to different people, and there are specific holistic reproductive methods that can assist, manage and minimize stress. They include

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Individual actions or specialist therapy are both effective ways to handle stress.

The most helpful approach to minimize stress is Acupuncture, and it is frequently used to help people who are undergoing treatments for fertility. Acupuncture can enhance uterine blood flow and boost pregnancy rates before and after embryo transfer.

Food and nutrition can directly impact the success of fertility treatments and subsequent pregnancies. Many nutritional supplements, including multivitamins containing folic acid for women, are beneficial. However, at natural fertility clinics, including Ponsonby Wellness Centre, we advise our clients not to take any supplements unless prescribed by another doctor.

Certain dietary choices have been linked to a higher risk of conception. According to recent research, modest nutritional changes may be essential to your chances of becoming pregnant than using medication.

Each therapy has its treatment regimen. The time frame taken for acupuncture therapy varies from person to person. Years of clinical experience have resulted in a comprehensive list of treatment approaches, including selecting acupuncture sites and the manufacture of traditional Chinese medicine formulae. Various stages of the menstrual cycle require different treatment plans.

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Initiation of fertility treatment at Ponsonby Wellness Centre of acupuncture 

Acupuncture is a method used for fertility treatment related to physical therapy. Patients are usually treated for three to four months before proceeding to insemination, in vitro fertilization (IVF), or donor-egg transfer. This therapy pace appears to have a therapeutic impact.

According to different observations and clinical studies, it was revealed that the most successful reproductive therapies include Acupuncture, herbal therapy, and conventional medicine. When Acupuncture and herbal remedies are utilized instead of typical medical procedures, there are high chances of conception.

Reasons that push couples to think about and opt for natural fertility clinics and centers include their hectic routines, infrequent sexual activity, a lack of education about reproductive awareness, an unhealthy diet, insomnia, or stress factors that can have a negative impact on your potential to conceive. At Ponsonby Wellness Centre, we have the remarkable success that arises from the belief that we can handle multiple issues of such kind.

At Ponsonby Wellness Centre of Acupuncture, specific acupuncture sites can increase and regulate the female endocrine system, enhance blood circulation around the uterus, and egg function and activity. According to traditional Chinese medicine, treatment is primarily based on the etiology, such as ovulatory menstruation, high FSH caused by advanced age, low estradiol (E2), or a thin uterine wall, or suffering from various gynecological diseases, such as ovarian cysts, uterus, or suffering from different gynecological disorders, such as ovarian cysts, uterus, or suffering from other gynaecological disorders.

Acupuncture therapy has been used successfully to treat infertility in many individuals. Acupuncture therapy with traditional Chinese medicine has a success rate of 70-80% in our natural fertility clinic of Ponsonby Wellness Centre of acupuncture.

Effectiveness of acupuncture for fertility treatment

The effectiveness of acupuncture therapy for treating infertility has been increasing when applied in conjunction with herbal treatment. Acupuncture and herbs will not help with tubal adhesions, which can develop as a result of pelvic inflammatory illness or endometriosis.

Moreover, due to the possible effect of better ovarian and follicular function, acupuncture may still be beneficial in such cases. Acupuncture can also improve blood flow to the endometrium, which aids in the formation of a thick, rich lining.


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