Case review – Acute Sprained Ankle

Case review- Acute Sprained Ankle

“One evening in 2020, I accidentally miss stepped on the stairs and fell into my right foot ankle. There was severe pain and tears fell. When I slowly stood up, it was already difficult to walk, because I had a meeting the next day, so I immediately took ice cubes. According to experience, if I don’t get treatment in time, I may not be able to fully recover for a few months, because there was a western medicine clinician who had the same sprain and required 3 months plaster caster.”

“I found Ponsonby Wellness through Google search. Virginia didn’t put a needle in my affected area but put a needle in my hand. At the same time, the ankle pain began to decrease within 10 minutes. Additionally, Virginia asked me to move my ankle around, as well as doing some jumping on the affected foot, with the needle still in my hand. What is particularly miraculous is that the pain basically disappears after leaving the needle in for 20 minutes. Virginia told me to keep balance when I walk and tells me not to turn corners, she told me if local bruising and swelling are severe, bloodletting can be done the next day. The next morning, the pain basically disappeared, there were only a few bruises and swellings, but I still didn’t dare to walk normally, I worried that the weight of the foot would aggravate the injury. I gave a lecture to the students in the morning. Because I was very involved in the lecture, I forgot about my sprain last night. I walked back and forth in front of the podium. After class, I suddenly realized that my sprained ankle had recovered. I suddenly realised why Virginia let me walk normally.”

Treatment method

Waiguan point is used for an external ankle injury, Neiguan point for internal malleolus injury. Neiguan penetration puncture is used to treat internal ankle pain or injuries which are leading to external ankle pain, and Waiguan penetration puncture for external ankle pain or injury leading to internal ankle pain.

acupuncture for ankle sprain

Shenmai acupoints on the left ankle and foot can cooperate with acupuncture points for the Taiyang Meridian of the right hand, known as the Yanglao point.

acupuncture for ankle sprainacupuncture for ankle sprain


Pain affecting point, Qiuxu point can cooperate with the Yangchi point on the right hand.

acupuncture for ankle sprainacupuncture for ankle sprain

Take Shenmen or Yangxi on the opposite side of the affected area. When taking Shenmen point, raise your palm and make a fist slightly, and puncture in the direction of Yanggu point; when taking Yangxi point, bend your palm and slightly bend your wrist and puncture in the direction of Taiyuan point. Houxi is one of the eight-meridian junction points, which connects the Du Meridian and takes a quick twisting needle.










An ankle sprain is a very common joint soft tissue injury, which often starts suddenly and can occur at any age. The ankle joint is the most weight-bearing joint of the human body, and it is at the distal end. Once muscle bonds and ligaments are damaged, blood stasis will result in changes in the microenvironment in the joints, causing inflammation, oozing, and accumulation of pain-causing substances, which will affect local metabolism. Self-repairing ability and intra-articular stress can easily lead to prolonged disease and is often difficult to heal, resulting in ankle pain, poor flexion and extension, dysfunction and other symptoms, which bring inconvenience to daily life.

Cooperating with the movement of needle retention for ankle sprains, which can not only make the meridian qi reach the disease quickly, but also stretch the muscles and muscles that have a spasm, loosen the adhesive ligaments, strengthen the tension of the relaxed muscles, promote the anatomical reduction of local tissues, and promote blood The circulation speeds up the absorption and dissipation of edema and blood stasis.

“Treating the upper part disease from the bottom, and treating ankle disease from hand” can be a good, simple and inexpensive method for clinical treatment for an acute ankle sprain.

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