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Introduction to Anxiety Disorders Clinic

The Anxiety Disorders Clinic (ADC) at “Ponsonby Wellness Centre” established for patients who have a major anxiety disorder, including panic disorder, agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, specific phobia) or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Our clinic mainly focuses on naturally treating anxiety disorders.

At the anxiety disorder clinic of “Ponsonby Wellness Centre,” patients will benefit from holistic approaches, including acupuncture for anxiety symptoms which may affect them as a side effect of another problem or as a result of a life stressor. Patients with neurological conditions will be seen in the clinic as long as the major anxiety disorder or OCD is the current primary concern and the other is stable. For example, suppose an anxiety disorder is the current significant problem, and their mood and drug misuse have been steady. In that case, we will observe people who have a history of bipolar disorder or substance abuse.

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Services at Ponsonby Wellness Centre

Anxiety treatment at Ponsonby Wellness Centre helps you relieve the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Our anxiety disorder clinic helped many people recover from stressful conditions. Rather than using pharmacological or hormone treatments, our clinic focuses on and employs natural medical care for anxiety disorders.

According to our experts, “acupuncture enhances the body’s natural feel-good chemicals while lowering the number of stress hormones like cortisol.” Acupuncture offered at our anxiety disorder clinic has been shown in studies to be a successful anxiety therapy with fewer adverse effects than pharmaceuticals.

FDA Approved Services

At Ponsonby Wellness Centre, we offer fully certified and approved acupuncture. The needles for acupuncture were not approved as medical treatment instruments by the FDA until the 1990s. Later on, the FDA authorized acupuncture needles as medical devices.

Many people are looking for natural options to treat stress, depression, and anxiety. They’re looking at other options instead of antidepressants.

Ponsonby Wellness Centre offers acupuncture methods that may manage anxiety, depression, and stress, in many individuals. Acupuncturists at Ponsonby Wellness Centre place tiny needles in specific acupuncture sites along “meridians” that flow throughout the body and target specific organs. Meridians are conceived of in traditional Chinese medicine as a highway of energy.

The goal of Ponsonby Wellness Center is to enhance our patients’ outcomes by discovering and testing innovative therapy options, explaining the brain mechanisms that underpin their symptoms, and communicating evidence-based practices to physicians and patients. Pharmacotherapy, relaxing techniques, cognitive-behavioral treatment, interpersonal therapy, short supportive therapy, computer-based training, and alternative medicine options are also being investigated at our anxiety disorder clinic.

Acupuncturists and medical specialists at Ponsonby Wellness Center explain the mechanism of acupuncture for treating anxiety regarding several studies and found that it has a soothing impact. Further thorough research trials are needed to verify the usefulness of acupuncture for anxiety disorders.

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Learning at Anxiety Disorders Clinic

Ponsonby Wellness Centre allows you to practice various strategies to help you control your anxiety. Many patients utilize a variety of tactics, including positive thinking, stress management, adopting a healthy lifestyle, and relaxing. It can be difficult to handle anxiety on your own, especially if you are experiencing a lot of discomfort and uneasiness. Ponsonby Wellness Centre is there to help you. In this kind of situation, it’s usually a good idea to seek help from our experts at Ponsonby Wellness Centre.


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