Sports injury
Sports injury

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无论是公民、居民还是游客,生活在新西兰的人都可以通过事故赔偿公司 (ACC) 购买人身伤害保险。 如果在新西兰境内发生的事故中意外受伤,ACC 都会承担您的部分医疗和康复费用。 如果您在接受医生或其他健康专家的医疗护理时受伤,您也在 ACC 治疗伤害承保范围内;但作为治疗的基本要素或典型后果的事物是不包括在ACC赔偿范围内的; 如果医务人员未能及时提供医疗服务而造成伤害,您也将获得ACC保险赔偿。

Ponsonby Wellness Centre是经 ACC 批准的中医诊所,主要运用针灸和中草药等传统中医疗法来帮助患者缓解疼痛和进行损伤康复。 近年来,到该诊所寻求替代疗法以补充传统治疗方法的患者人数激增,并取得了良好的效果。

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ACC 医疗伤害是任何在寻求或获得 认证医疗从业者 治疗的过程中造成的伤害,称为医疗伤害。 身体伤害是指您身体的一部分受到伤害。治疗过程中任何时候的失误都可能导致治疗损伤,例如当您:

  • 误诊
  • 选择是否给予治疗
  • 根本无法进行治疗或在合理的时间范围内无法进行治疗
  • 获得或未能获得同意
  • 药物引起的副作用
  • 工具或设备使用错误

可以通过多种方式治疗损伤。 大多数伤害会很快得到治疗,不会产生长期影响。 但是,某些特定的伤害更严重,可能会妨碍您进行日常活动。


ACC 治疗相关伤害可能发生在各种环境中,包括住院、全科诊所和疗养院。 然而,它们在医院更常见,这可能是因为入院的人病情较重,而且治疗通常需要使用侵入性设备和治疗,这会带来更大的受伤风险。 此外,某些医院提供复杂的医疗和外科治疗,例如癌症的诊断和管理、脑部和脊柱手术、心脏手术、烧伤治疗和新生儿医疗。


  • 您因接受治疗而受伤
  • 如果是经过认证的健康从业者的治疗直接导致您受伤
  • 不是药物常见不良反应

ACC 医疗伤害还涵盖因治疗先前承保的伤害而发生的伤害。 如果您的保健医生认为您遭受了治疗伤害,他们可以代表您提出索赔。 在某些情况下,与治疗相关的伤害可能不在承保范围内,例如当伤害是治疗的自然结果时。 请咨询医疗保健专业人员,了解您的情况所特有的信息。

Ponsonby Wellness Centre ACC针灸治疗

针灸旨在重新平衡身体的能量并激发其自身的治愈能力,可单独用于 ACC 治疗或与常规治疗结合使用。Ponsonby Wellness Centre可为您提供ACC针灸治疗。

Sports injury

Whether a citizen, residents, or tourists, people living in New Zealand possess personal injury insurance via the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC). The injury happened during an accident in New Zealand. ACC may cover part of your medical treatment and rehabilitation expenses. If you are injured while receiving medical care from a doctor or other health professional, you are covered by ACC treatment injuries. Things that are an essential element or a typical consequence of the therapy are not included in the cover. You’ll also be insured if the medical personnel fails to provide timely medical care.

Ponsonby Wellness is an ACC-approved treatment center specializing in employing ancient Chinese therapeutic approaches such as acupuncture and herbals to aid pain alleviation and injury rehabilitation. The clinic has experienced a significant surge in patients seeking alternative therapies to supplement traditional treatment approaches with excellent outcomes in recent years.

Woman with gauze bandage wrapped around her hand

What is a treatment injury?

ACC treatment injury is an injury caused by anyone seeking or getting treatment from a certified health practitioner is known as a treatment injury. A physical injury is when a portion of your body has been harmed or injured. A treatment injury may occur as a result of a mistake at any point during your treatment, such as when you:

  • A misdiagnosis or wrong diagnosis
  • A choice on whether or not to administer treatment
  • An inability to give therapy at all or within a reasonable time frame
  • Securing or failing to get consent
  • Medication-induced side effects
  • Error in the tool or equipment

Injuries may be treated in a variety of ways. Most injuries are quickly treated and do not have a long-term effect. However, specific injuries are more severe and may prevent you from doing your daily activities or making progress.

Where do treatment injuries happen?

ACC treatment-related injuries may occur in various settings, including hospitalizations, general practices, and nursing homes. However, they are more common in hospitals, perhaps because persons admitted to hospitals are sicker, and treatment often entails the use of intrusive equipment and treatments that offer a greater risk of injury. In addition, certain hospitals offer sophisticated medical and surgical therapies such as diagnosis and management of cancer, brain and spine surgery, heart surgery, burn therapy, and newborn baby medical care.

If you are injured in an accident or any event in New Zealand, you are protected by ACC treatment injuries when

  • You are injured as a consequence of receiving treatment
  • ACC will compensate you if the therapy directly caused your injury and a certified health practitioner was treating you
  • It isn’t a common adverse effect of your medication

ACC treatment also covers injuries that occur as a result of therapy for a previously covered injury. If your healthcare practitioner believes you have suffered treatment harm, they may file a claim on your behalf. Therapy-related injuries may not be covered in some instances, such as when an injury is a natural result of treatment. Consult your healthcare professional for information unique to your condition.

Acc treatment injury and Ponsonby Wellness Centre

Acupuncture, which aims to rebalance the body’s energy and stimulate its innate healing power, may be used in AC treatment alone or conjunction with conventional treatment. You can experience ACC acupuncture treatments when visiting Ponsonby Wellness Centre for consultation.

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