Acupuncture & Infertility

15th May 2020 By Virginia Jin

There are many reports of acupuncture treatment of infertility in Chinese medicine, and its efficacy is generally recognized by people:

Case 1: Female, 35 years old, unable to become pregnant after 5 years of marriage. She was under big pressure. The first time she came with her mother was very sincere and requested treatment for her infertility. She originally planned to go to the Western Medicine Infertility Specialty for IVF surgery, but after a doctor’s examination, she found that although her menstruation came on time, she did not ovulate at all. FSH was very high 15.8 mlU / ML (normal 1.5-10 mlU / ML), accompanied by anemia, hemoglobin (Hb) is only 9.2 g / dl (normal 12.5-16g / dl). Not qualified for IVF, this specialist refused to perform IVF surgery for her and recommended the treatment by acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. After 4 months of treatment and conditioning, her basal body temperature(BBT) and ovulation tests showed normal ovulation, FSH decreased to 8.7 mlU / ML, and hemoglobin (Hb) also reached 12.7g / dl, everything returned to normal. She went to the specialist doctor to perform IVF surgery, which was a success.

According to the causes and types of patients’ infertility, and the different stages they are in, there are three general treatments for infertility:
The first group: natural pregnancy group. Natural pregnancy after traditional Chinese medicine & acupuncture treatment does not require any Western medicine. Some cases do not need to consider IUI or IVF at all. For example, they are 25-35 years old, have no organic lesions, but are dysfunctional, or have high FSH. We just monitor such as measuring basal body temperature(BBT) every morning, measuring ovulation during two mid-menstrual periods, and having a sexual life at an appropriate time, can be naturally pregnant.

The second group: prepare for IUI or IVF group. A period of treatment before starting artificial insemination or IVF. After conditioning by Chinese medicine acupuncture treatment, then do IUI or IVF. Some people do IVF several times, they all failed, and the specialist still advocated to try again, and the result may not be successful. It wasting money and time, and damaging the body. If you undergo IVF after 1-3 months of Chinese medicine treatment, the situation is very different. The success rate will increase by more than 50%. Interestingly, some cases are pregnant during the early preparation of IVF, the patient saves the IVF surgical steps, and naturally becomes pregnant.

The third group: cooperate with IUI or IVF group. Use acupuncture to cooperate with IVF surgery. Cooperate with acupuncture during the whole IVF surgery, and give different acupuncture and moxibustion treatment at different stages, which can greatly improve the success rate. This group usually does not use Chinese medicine.

Of course, each case requires a specific analysis. Each treatment requires a specific treatment plan. By acupuncture treatment or use Chinese medicine, or both together, how long it takes is different. After years of clinical practice, a complete set of treatment methods have been summarized, such as the selection of acupuncture points and the preparation of traditional Chinese medicine formulas. According to the menstrual cycle, different stages use a different treatment plan. For example, some acupuncture points can better regulate the female endocrine system, improve blood circulation around the uterus, and enhance the function and activity of eggs. The prescription of traditional Chinese medicine is mainly based on the etiology, for anovulatory menstruation, or high FSH caused by advanced age, low estradiol (E2), or thin uterine wall, or suffering from different gynecological diseases, such as ovarian cysts, uterus Fibroids and endometriosis need to be treated with different prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine.

In addition, there is another point to note is the cooperation of the patient and his family. Health food, less stress, good sleep…There are many successful cases of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for infertility treatment. In our clinic, the success rate of acupuncture treatment with traditional Chinese medicine is 70-80%.

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