period pain relief nz
period pain relief nz

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period pain relief nz







period pain relief nz











period pain relief nz

The majority of women experience period pain either for one or two days every month. Period pain can give women headaches or general discomfort. Besides that, menstrual cramps can be a real issue. Moreover, menstrual cramps occur when the uterus contracts in order to shed the uterine lining. This can result in severe pain in the lower back, thighs, and stomach. Here are some useful tips for period pain relief NZ:

period pain relief nz

Drink more water

Drinking more water is a great period pain relief NZ. Bloating usually causes a lot of discomfort and even worsens menstrual cramps. Drinking more water during periods can reduce some pain. You can try drinking hot water as it helps in increasing blood flow and also relax your muscles.

Enjoy herbal teas

The anti-inflammatory properties of herbal teas can reduce muscle spasms that cause cramping. You can drink ginger tea, chamomile, or fennel tea as it’s an easy and natural period pain relief NZ. Besides that, herbal teas can also reduce stress and help people with insomnia.

Eat anti-inflammatory foods

Some foods act as natural period pain relief NZ for menstrual cramps. Above all, they taste great too. Furthermore, anti-inflammatory foods can help in promoting blood flow and relaxing your uterus. You can eat pineapples, berries, leafy greens, walnuts, fatty fish, and spices like turmeric, garlic or ginger.

period pain relief nz

Skip the treats

While you may crave a brownie or want to munch on those crispy fires, but remember, foods high in sugar, salt, and Trans fat can increase bloating and inflammation, therefore, making cramps worse. It’s better to grab a banana or another fruit to overcome those sugar cravings. Other than that, you can go for unsalted nuts as well.

Reach for decaf

Avoid caffeine during periods because it narrows down your blood vessels. This can worsen your cramps and increase the pain. However, if you need a quick coffee fix, opt for decaf. Plus you can eat a protein-rich snack or go for a walk to boost your energy.

Try dietary supplements

Vitamin D can aid in reducing inflammation and can also assist your body in absorbing calcium. Vitamin E, Magnesium, and Omega-3 can also help in reducing inflammation. For best results, start taking supplements every day and not just on your periods. However, be sure to ask your doctor before taking anything new.

Apply heat

Applying heat is another excellent natural period pain relief NZ method. The heat helps relax your muscles hence improving blood flow and relieving tension. Try calming yourself with a heating pad or you can even take a relaxing hot shower.


When you are going through those horrible period cramps, exercise is the last thing on your mind. But even a little physical activity can help release endorphins which can make you feel happy, relax your muscles, and reduce pain.

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