natural postpartum depression care

It’s okay for new moms’ to get baby blues because they go away once the mother starts to get back to normal. However, you should be concerned if they don’t go away. If the depressive symptoms continue to persist for more than a month, then it is clearly a case of postpartum depression. The good news is that new moms can opt for natural postpartum depression care in order to prevent and treat PPD.

Natural Postpartum Depression Care Solutions

Natural Postpartum Depression Care

Get Regular Exercise

You must dedicate the first six to eight weeks after delivery to rest and taking care of yourself and your newborn, especially if you went through some pregnancy complications or are recovering from a caesarian section. However, once you get a green light from your healthcare provider, you can set up an exercise routine as it helps in reducing the risk of postpartum depression and even treats it. Physical activity allows your brain to create endorphins and other feel-good hormones. You don’t necessarily have to do vigorous exercise. You can do simple activities like walking, dancing, or even daily house chores could help. Getting regular exercise is a great natural postpartum depression care.

Sunshine & Vitamin D

Along with exercise, getting enough sunlight also triggers a similar positive response in your brain. Honestly, think about all those times when you went outside to play or relax, didn’t you feel better? When sunlight hits you, vitamin D is made in your skin. Moreover, vitamin D acts like a hormone in your body. When natural levels of vitamin D are high in your body, you automatically experience decreased pain in the body. So when you are feeling a little depressed, don’t stay inside. Get out, take some sunshine as it is an amazing natural postpartum depression remedy. Soak yourself in those warming rays and you will definitely feel better.

natural postpartum depression care

Omega-3s and Vitamin B12

If you are suffering from postpartum depression, chances are that your body doesn’t have enough doses of omega-3s and vitamins B12. Both of these nutrients are linked to brain function. You can increase the intake of omega-3s by adding more fish to your diet, eating more avocados, sprinkling chia seeds on your food or even taking high-quality omega-3s supplements.


Aromatherapy is also considered another beneficial natural postpartum depression care. There are several natural oils that can make you feel better and lift your spirits due to their outstanding natural properties. You can contact a professional and an experienced aroma therapist for your care plan.

Massage & Acupuncture

Both massage and acupuncture are known to give new moms fantastic results. If nothing seems to work for you, give acupuncture a try. Additionally, massage is also good for relaxation. It helps your body detox and releases feel-good hormones. Acupuncture helps in releasing nerve blockage that may be preventing happy hormones to reach where they need to go.

Eliminate Grain and Junk Food

Eating healthy is important for mental health. Junk food is messing up our brains. Grains and junk food cause negative effects on mental health. Instead, start focusing on healthy foods.

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