cosmetic facial acupuncture

Mechanism of Cosmetic Acupuncture

cosmetic facial acupuncture

What is facial acupuncture?

Facial cosmetic acupuncture (FCA) is an acupuncture technique applied to the face, neck, and head of a patient, inserting the needles into the superficial layer of the muscle to stimulate restoration of facial elasticity for skin rejuvenation. 

In a study conducted by Younghee Yun et al., (2013), participants who received 5 sessions of FCA over 3-week treatment period, showed a reduction in skin wrinkles and improvement in skin tightness. Patients during the study did not receive other treatments. 44% of participants showed no change after the first treatment, while 55% showed improvements. The only adverse events were mild bruising at the needle site observed in 14.28% of patients, and this is common after acupuncture treatment. 

facial acupuncture

How does facial acupuncture improve beauty?

Facial acupuncture is the quickest and most direct way to improve blood circulation and change the nature and flow rate of blood. Additionally, it also improves microcirculatory disorders, unblocks meridians, harmonizes Qi and blood to strengthen skin metabolism.

Facial acupuncture can also quickly and directly expel toxins, stop degenerative atrophy and lesions of cells and tissues, and promote regeneration and repair of degenerative cell repair tissues. Regeneration of new cells is stimulated by acupuncture needles. The holographic energy of the needle can redistribute the facial current, cell rearrangement, regeneration so that the physiological and biochemical processes of the cells get benign changes and remove free radicals.

collagen rejuvenation

Through the stimulation of skin and acupuncture points with professional techniques, it can achieve the purpose of delaying aging such as removing wrinkles, removing eye bags, lifting the face, rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, filling depressions, weight loss and shaping. Facial acupuncture is easy to use, non-toxic and harmless, with few side effects such as swelling and bruising that will eventually die down after 3 or 4 days.

Advantages of facial acupuncture

1) Safety: Facial acupuncture is a natural treatment, so no surgery, no injections, and only mild side effects.

3) Depending on patients, effects can be seen by only one needle. 

4) Long-lasting: If treatment is up to date as offered by your cosmetic acupuncturist, beauty can last for more than 3-5 years. 

5) Cost: compared to cosmetic surgery, no expensive equipment and instruments are needed, only a few silver needles.

6) Easy to operate: there is no recovery period, (except for mild bruising and swelling that will disappear in 3 days or 4), makeup can still be applied. 

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