dowager's hump

Dowager’s hump

What is a dowager’s hump?

“I have got something behind my neck, I usually feel sore around my shoulder and neck, what happened to me? “A senior lady come to ask for a consultation.

Actually, the round behind her neck is what we call ‘Dowager’s Hump’.

The dowager’s hump gradually becomes a common problem to people. And it is an obvious symptom of cervical spine disease. But not many people realize the exist of this round!

1. The dowager’s hump does make you look exhausted.

The round behind the neck will definitely be accompanied by a series of postural problems, such as head extension, neck extension, and chest hunch. These issues will seriously affect people’s appearance.

Imagine when you hang out on street, the outlook of your fit would always be like upset and lack of energy. What a nightmare!

2. Apart from that, the dowager’s hump can cause long-term muscle sore and tense around the neck and shoulder, and the skins around will get numbness.

The muscles behind your neck keep tense when you bow or extent your head and neck, the muscles will get tired and sore to support the long-term posture.

3. If the dowager’s hump brings pressure to the cervical spine, it can cause more symptoms of spine diseases. For example, you may feel headaches, dizziness, and arm numbness.

4. If the dowager’s hump grows up, it will affect the sympathetic nerve, which will cause high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, irregular heartbeat, palpitation, and chest tightness.

dowager's hump

What causes a dowager’s hump?

1. A habit of poor posture

One of the biggest reasons for it is the long-term abnormal postures, such as keeping bowing to look down to the phone, or using an over-high pillow at night. And the poor posture will make the muscle tight and sore.

2. An irregular living routine

Staying late at night, over-eating, lack of exercise will bring blocks of blood circulation. And these irregular living habits can cause the storage of fat around your cervical spine, which leads to a strain of the cervical spine.

How to heal the dowager’s hump?

To heal the dowager’s hump is not easy, and it needs long-term exercise and treatment to help relieve the muscles and remove the fat in the round part. But the treatment can only heal the symptoms temperately, patients need to correct their living habits and postures can prevent the symptoms go back again forever.

1. Acupuncture and therapy massage

The acupuncture treatment can help clear up the fat behind the neck, and remove the blocks to help blood circulation more smoothly.

Therapy massage treatment can relieve the tightness and soreness of the muscle, help the muscle to have a rest, and make it support the head better.

2. Correct posture and living habit

Stand smart

Avoid bow your head

Keep exercise

Some daily exercise can also help to relieve the muscles and shrimp the dowager’s hump.

Neck Exercise

Repeat moving head up-down, left-right for 5-10 times.  This exercise can easily been done in office.

Shoulder Exercise

Repeat moving shoulder up and down to stretch the muscle. It is easy to do it anywhere.

Smart Posture

Stand against the wall, keep the head, shoulder, hip, and heel touch the wall. Keep stand for 5mins everyday can help correct the posture and fit the body.


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