Simple Obesity and Acupuncture

11 May 2020 Tony Jiang

Obesity is a metabolic disease caused by the interaction of multiple factors. The main clinical manifestation of obesity includes excessive accumulation and abnormal distribution of internal fat, weight increase, and imbalance of energy metabolism. Simple obesity accounts for about 95% of total obesity. Simple obesity can be divided into two types, constitutional and acquired obesity. The former is caused by congenital factors and the feature is widespread obesity, the latter is caused by acquired factors (i.e. unhealthy lifestyle and dietary habit).

simple obesity

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Obesity has a significantly negative impact on people’s health and it can decrease quality of life (QOL). The main hazard of this common illness typically includes lethality and pathogenicity. Obesity has been considered as a preventable lethal cause. According to epidemic data, approximately 111, 909 to 365, 000 persons in the U.S. were killed by this illness per year. In addition, a lot of obese patients also suffer from other chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular, diabetes, degenerating nature, arthritis, some cancers etc.,

The treatment method of obesity includes behaviour therapy, medication, and operative therapy. Although these treatments have a positive influence on controlling obesity, the deficiencies of them cannot be ignored. For example, orlistat medicine adversely impacts gastrointestinal function, and probably have a side effect on kidneys. For another, the incidence of complications is 17% and around 7% of the patients need to receive a second operation.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, this disease can be divided into a number of patterns of the syndrome. The common patterns of obesity are spleen deficiency and gastrointestinal excessive hot. In recent years, acupuncture therapy has a great impact on treating obesity. The acupuncture treatment of this disease includes two main types: electro-acupuncture and needle warming moxibustion. The main acupuncture points of the electro-acupuncture method include Zhongwan, Daju, Tianshu, Huaroumen, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao, Biguan, etc. The waveform of electric acupuncture therapy is a continuous wave. The treatment duration of obesity is 30 minutes every time, 15 times per treatment course. To slightly obese patients, one treatment duration will have a positive influence on treating obesity. To moderately and severely obese people, 2-3 treatment duration is suitable.

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