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If you don’t want to get medical treatments for your chronic pain, you can always opt for natural pain relief options. Natural pain relief options are inexpensive, easy to try, and are very effective. Try a few natural pain relief options and see for yourself what works best for you.

Release your inner endorphins

Did you know? Endorphins are natural pain killers that are produced by our bodies. Yes! The good thing is that increased production of endorphins can help reduce your pain. It will give you natural pain relief, as well as a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. While any activity that pumps your blood will release endorphins, it is best to consult your doctor before starting any new exercise.

Enjoy the outdoors

A few minutes of sun exposure can help you get your daily dose of Vitamin D. There are several studies that prove Vitamin D can help in reducing chronic pain. Additionally, being out in the sunshine may improve your immune function and can boost your mood.

Soak in warm water

Soaking your body in warm water is a good natural pain relief option. It decreases many forms of muscle pain and muscle spasms.

Try dry heat therapy

If you are not interested in a warm water soak, you can go for dry heat therapy. There are a number of heat therapy options available for your pain. Consider applying a heat pack that provides low-level heat. There are other products as well such as an adhesive back wrap. Just be careful and read the instructions carefully to reduce the risk of a burn.

Enjoy essential oils

Essential oils have been used as a natural pain relief for ages. There are several ways to benefit from essential oils. Some people enjoy them as a part of their therapeutic massage, while others inhale essential oils, also called aromatherapy. The majority of people include several drops in their massage oil to get benefits.

Try massage therapy

A good therapeutic massage is natural pain relief. It spurs blood flow, boosts the feeling of wellness and decreases muscle tension. Massage therapy is basically the manipulation of soft tissues like tendons and muscles. A qualified massage therapist can give you a great hands-on massage.

Stretch and loosen up

Stretching your soft tissues in and around the spine can help in minimizing chronic pain. The human back is designed for movement, and if there is a lack of movement, it can make your back pain worse.

Meditate and relax

There are a variety of meditations, some are complex while others are simple. Always choose the one that is pleasing to you. If you don’t know how to meditate, you can contact an expert or watch helpful videos online. You can even enroll yourself in a class or take a course.

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