what is cough and how can acupuncture help?

Types of cough and treatment methods and curative effects of Chinese acupuncture

Cough is a common symptom of lung disease. Various causes of internal injuries can cause lung Qi to fail to propagate or subdue, causing lung Qi to reverse and cause coughing. A long-lasting cough is called chronic cough.

【Cause and Pathogenesis】
Weak lungs, or other diseases involving the lungs, causing a cough, are all chronic coughs. The internal organs are all weak, not just the lungs. However, the lung is the master of Qi, and all Qi will cough when it is against the lungs. Coughing is “not only in the lungs but also in the lungs.”

1. Spleen deficiency produces phlegm
If the spleen loses its health and transport, it can’t transfer the essence of water and grains, which can cause dampness and produce phlegm, further staining the lungs, block the lung Qi, affect the flow of Qi, and causes coughing. “The spleen is the source of phlegm, and the lung is the organ of phlegm storage.” For people who are usually deficient in Yang, their cold drink enters the stomach, from the stomach to the diaphragm, through the lungs and up to the lung system, resulting in unfavourable lung Qi and coughing.

2. Deficiency of Kidney Qi
“Lung is the master of Qi, and the kidney is the root of Qi”, “kidney is in charge of receiving Qi”. If the kidney is insufficiency, it causes a cough. If the kidney Yang is weak and the gasification is not good, the water will stop accumulating, and the lung will be attacked, which will also cause coughing.

1. Phlegm cough symptoms
Prolonged cough, heavy turbid cough, sputum in the throat, multi-coloured sputum, accompanied by nausea in the chest, reduced appetite, the fatigue of the limbs, white fur on the tongue, slippery pulse.

2. Qi deficiency cough symptoms
Coughing for a long time, low and weak cough, short breath, low breath, clear and thin phlegm, fatigue, fear of wind, spontaneous sweating, easy to catch cold, thin tongue coating, pale tongue, weak pulse.

3. Yang deficiency of cough symptoms
Coughing recurring, usually caused by cold, clear phlegm and saliva, dizziness, heart palpitations, chills, heavy limbs, or difficulty in urination, white tongue coating, slippery pulse.

Ponsonby Wellness’s patients feedback from cough treatment.

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patient 1's response after effective treatment for cough

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patient 4's response after effective treatment for cough

patient 4's response after effective treatment for cough (part2)

【alternative treatment methods】

1. Phlegm cough
Treatment method: invigorate the spleen and dry dampness, regulate qi and resolve phlegm
Prescription: Feishu, Pishu, Taiyuan, Fenglong, Hegu.
Fang Yi: Taiyuan, the original point of the lung meridian of the hand Taiyin, is injected for the Zhenqi of the internal organs. It is combined with Feishu and Pishu to invigorate the spleen and reduce dampness, replenish lung Qi, treat the symptoms and root causes at the same time, take the foot-yang ming meridian points Fenglong and hand Mingjing Yuan acupoints hegu, to harmonize the stomach Qi, and the Qi will flow into Jinbu, the phlegm will be self-dissolved, so the cough can be stopped. Add Zusanli and Neiguan for severe chest tightness.

2. Qi Deficiency Cough
Treatment method: to replenish lung Qi, resolve phlegm and relieve cough.
Prescription: Feishu, Pishu, Shenshu, Qihai, Fenglong.
Fang Yi: Qihai, Shenshu nourishes Qi, nourishes the essence, nourishes the kidney and strengthens the essence; Feishu and Pishu xuanfei invigorates the spleen, nourishes the lung Qi; enriches the stomach and reduces phlegm and turbidity.

3. Yang deficiency cough
Treatment method: warming the sun to dispel cold, transforming Qi into water.
Prescription: Mingmen, Guanyuan, Shenshu, Gaolingshu, Shenque, Feishu.
Fang Yi: Mingmen, Guanyuan Wenshen Peiyuan, Shenshu and Gaolingshu nourishes the kidney and nourishes Qi, Shenque warms the yang, Feishu promotes Qi, and plays the power of warming yang and dispelling cold, transforming Qi and promoting water.

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