Have you ever been curious why Chinese traditional doctors can recognize the problems and diseases by only watch patients’ faces? This article will reveal some secrets behind your body system which can help you to find the answer.

Your face can reflect your inside body’s health condition in TCM. Also, some abnormal changes on the face can reveal the potential risks inside your body.

According to ‘Huang Di Nei Jing’, the typical literature in TCM, there are direct relationships between five parts on the face and five organs respectively.

  1. Tongue and heart.

The shape, colour, flexibility, function of tasting of tongues all can show the conditions of the heart.

If a tongue shows watery red, flexibility, and sensitivity with taste, that means the heart is healthy with plenty of blood. Oppositely, the erosion, pain, and soreness of the tongue usually are the results of inflammation from the heart. The abnormal colour and shape of the tongue show the imbalance of Qi in the heart.

  1. Mouth and stomach & spleen

The mouth is the entrance of the body for foods, and its appearance can show the problems of the stomach.

From the appearance, if the stomach is healthy with plenty and balanced Qi and blood, the lip appeals red and watery. If the stomach lacks Qi and blood, the lip will tend to be white and dark yellow.

The sticky or sweet feeling of the inside mouth usually reveals the damp heat (‘Shi Re’) in the stomach and spleen. The sore feeling of the inside mouth shows the imbalance inside your spleen.

  1. Nose and lung

Lung and nose are directly connected. Only balanced Qi run well in the lung, the nose can smoothly breathe and smell. In clinical view, Nasal congestion and runny nose usually are the results of the cold Qi attacking the lung. The red nose shows the heat inside the lung. The dry nose and bloody usually tend to be the weakness of Yin Qi and too strong of Yang Qi (inside heat). Sometimes the weakness of the lung will cause an insensitive sense of smell, cough, and difficulties of breathing.

  1. Eye and liver

The function of the eyes relies on support from the liver. If in liver lacks blood, the eyes would become dim, night-blindness, and blurry sight. The over-heat in the liver may cause the redness of the eye and the weakness in the liver may cause dry eyes.

  1. Ear and kidney

The function of listening is supported by the plenty of Qi in the kidney. The weakness of the kidney will cause dizziness and tinnitus, hearing loss, and even deaf.

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