There is nothing to worry about occasional sleepless nights, but insomnia should be taken lightly. The inability to sleep or excessive awakening at night can affect your daily functioning. If you are suffering from a severe sleeping disorder, it is best to visit a sleep clinic Auckland.

However, there are several natural remedies that are quite useful. If you are suffering from insomnia, there are a few changes you can bring in your behavior and lifestyle that can help you get better sleep. Here are a few amazing tips to beat insomnia.


Try to meditate daily. Sit quietly and breathe slowly and steadily. Meditation includes observing your breath, thoughts, emotions, body and all the sensations. Mindful meditation has several benefits. It leads to a healthy lifestyle that automatically promotes good sleep. It reduces stress, boosts immunity, and also improves your overall concentration level. You can meditate as often as you want to. If you are not a fan of longer sessions, aim for at least 15 minutes daily. There are several online guides that can help you with meditation. With meditation, it is best if you visit a sleep clinic Auckland as experts there will guide you better.


Yoga has been found to have a positive impact on your sleep quality. Moreover, yoga helps reduce stress, improve mental focus, and enhance physical functioning. Go for a style that focuses more on breath work rather than difficult physical exertion. Try to stay present and focused. In yoga, there are numerous options available, so strive to do longer sessions at least 20 minutes daily. Performing postures before going to bed can help you sleep well. Additionally, if a pose doesn’t feel right, don’t force it. Make sure you do what feels good and comfortable.


Exercise improves mood, aids in weight loss, and promotes better sleep. In short, it is good for your overall health. People who exercise religiously are less depressed and show reduced symptoms of anxiety. Engage in moderate exercise daily. Make sure you find a time that best suits your needs. It will definitely have a positive impact on your sleep. You can also visit the sleep clinic Auckland for expert advice.


Massage therapy can benefit people with the sleeping disorder by improving sleep quality. It also helps in reducing the feelings of depression, anxiety and pain. You can visit a sleep clinic Auckland for professional massage services.

Food and Diet

What you take in your body can affect your ability to sleep. Limit the intake of alcohol, caffeine and nicotine. All of these things hurt your sleep hence causing insomnia and restlessness. Also, cut back on sugar. Sugar disturbs blood sugar levels and disrupts sleep. Instead, eat foods that help you sleep well. Eat healthy foods, like all kinds of greens, fruits, sunflower seeds and foods rich in Vitamin B6.

Before starting any home remedy, ensure you consult an expert. Chronic insomnia can be a symptom of a health condition. Visit a reputable sleep clinic in Auckland so you can start an early treatment.

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