Cosmetic Acupuncture


Acupuncture cosmetology is a method that starts from the overall concept of traditional Chinese medicine, uses acupuncture as a method, and stimulates parts and acupoints to maintain skin, beautify the face, delay aging, and treat facial skin diseases. It has the characteristics of simple and easy operation, non-toxic and harmless, safe and reliable and rapid effect. Ponsonby Wellness Centre uses a combination of filiform and blade needles to help clients lift the face, remove wrinkles, thin face, freckle, rhinoplasty, and even lose weight.

Blade Needle Therapy

Blade needle therapy (Picture 1) is a safer and more effective method in the derived from the basis of Acupotomy. The blade needle is wedge-shaped, the subcutaneous puncture area is large, the stimulation intensity is strong, and the subcutaneous puncture is painless. Because the flat needle handle is at the same angle as the flat needle, it is safe because it will not deform during puncture.

 Pic 1

Acupuncture Cosmetology tools

Principles of Acupuncture Cosmetology

Acupuncture Cosmetology uses the blade needle to puncture the superficial fascia layer in parallel (See Picture 2) to stimulate the collagen fibers in the dermis, activate the collagen in the dermis, and restore the collagen to its functions of proliferation, healing, metabolism, and water retention, so that the skin becomes moist and brighten. Sufficient collagen can make the skin plump, supple, firm, wrinkle-free, and prevent aging. With the increase of age, the loss of collagen will directly cause the loss of water, and the skin surface will appear loose, aging, dull, and lose its elasticity.

Acupuncture Cosmetology for skin

Pic 2

Acupuncture Cosmetology standard and blade

The advantages of Acupuncture Cosmetology

Wrinkles, various spots, sagging muscles, and depressions on the human face are all related to the rise and fall of qi and blood, especially the spleen and stomach. The stomach meridian of the human body mainly runs on the face, the spleen governs the muscles, and most of the sagging facial muscles are related to the spleen. In clinical practice, patients with abdominal distension and loose stools, spleen deficiency and abdominal fat are often encountered, and most of the facial muscles are sagging. Therefore, we need to cooperate with traditional Chinese medicine or acupuncture to regulate the body when using Acupuncture Cosmetology, so could achieve the dual purpose of seeking beauty and conditioning the body.

With the increase of age, the loss of collagen will directly cause the loss of water, and the skin surface will appear loose, aging, dull, and lose its elasticity. Collagen is not only the main adhesive that supports the skin in the dermis layer, but also works together with elastic fibers to form a mesh-like support, just like the steel structure that supports the skin tissue. Therefore, enough collagen can make the skin cells plump, so that the skin can be filled with water, showing firmness, elasticity and moisturizing, and can maintain the skin smooth, and make fine lines and wrinkles stretch, and achieve the effect of removing wrinkles. When the blade needle is used to puncture the dermis below the wrinkle, it directly stimulates and activates the collagen below the wrinkle; increases the content of collagen below the wrinkle, allowing the skin to regain elasticity and become plump; and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles around the eyelids, especially around the eyes. The pictures attached show the effect of Dr.Jin’s face after treatments.

Skin Brightening

Treatment plan

One acupuncture treatment every two weeks, six times as a full course. More information, please contact Ponsonby Wellness Centre 0212159963.

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