Shoulder pain, Frozen shoulder (Periarthritis of shoulder ) & Acupuncture

By Virginia Jin 25th Feb 2020

Shoulder pain, Frozen shoulder (Periarthritis of shoulder ),the shoulder cant lift. There are some common reasons .
1.Rotator cuff injury, there will be a recent history of overuse of the shoulder joint or sports injury history. Typically, the pain is aggravated when the shoulder joint is actively abducted, while it is not obvious when the shoulder joint is passively moved.
2, Frozen shoulder (Periarthritis of shoulder), happen on middle age person around 50 years old and women morn then man ,left shoulder more then right shoulder , the typical performance is the initial abduction of the shoulder joint pain is not obvious, only when the abduction to nearly 90 degrees, the sudden emergence of pain and pain in the shoulder joint after the extension of the situation .Pain worse on night time when the sleeping
3. Gouty arthritis of the shoulder joints usually has a history of eating a high-purine diet before pain, such as seafood and beans.

Frozen shoulder ( Periarthritis of shoulder) is a very common disease in clinical practice, its pathological manifestations are shoulder muscle tension spasm and adhesion, causing shoulder pain and shoulder joint movement limitation, acupuncture treatment for periarthritis of shoulder treatment is very good, we generally recommend the focus of acupuncture, there are two types. First, acupoint acupuncture method, we can needling the pain points of the shoulder, we call it ‘ASHI’ point ,it direct toward to pain spots .Second, we can needling common points of the shoulder, such as dazhui, jianjin, jianzhen, tianzong can be used as the key points of acupuncture.
We can also apply the warm acupuncture method, that is, acupuncture and moxibustion can be done locally at the acupuncture points, which is called warm acupuncture, and the other method is called electroacupuncture, which means that we attach electric needles to the acupuncture points, which can stimulate with electricity, and the effect is also very good.

How many of acupuncture treatment for frozen shoulder (periarthritis of shoulder )?
Acupuncture is generally 5 to 10 times for a course of treatment, the specific course of treatment depends on different conditions. If the patient is sensitive to acupuncture, has a strong sense of acupuncture, has a short course of disease( not longer then 3 months ), and the treatment is timely, the pain can be significantly relieved after a course of treatment. If the clinical course of patients with long, into the shoulder joint and stringy badly, or muscle disuse atrophy, the acupuncture treatment needs the number of times may be longer in general, could be 15 to 20 times treatment

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