Acupuncture therapy & Ankle Sprain

13 April 2020 By Tony Jiang
Sprain of ankle is a major disease of sports injury and the morbidity of it is highest among athletic injury illnesses (around 40%). The principal manifestation of ankle sprain can be viewed as soft tissue injury of ankle joint rather than fracture, dislocation, and skin damage.

The common clinical symptoms of ankle sprain include partial pain, swelling, claudication, and the limitation of joint motion. In addition, for lateral malleolus injury, the pain symptom will be aggravated if patients try to finish strephenopodia. Conversely, for Medial deltoid ligament injury, the local pain will be increased if patients attempt to do strephexopodia.

The main treatment therapy of ankle sprain includes brake, ice compress, conservative treatment (e.g. plaster immobilization) and the curative time is approximately 3-6 weeks. Moreover, the surgical treatment is essential to serious ankle sprain patients.

Acupuncture treatment is suitable for these patients without fracture. According to the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the major cause of this sports injury is “qi stagnation and blood stasis” and the therapeutic principle is “promoting qi to active blood”. Major acupoints of acupuncture service are Shangqiu, Jiexi, Zhongfen, Qiuxu, Kunlun, Taixi. For another, electric acupuncture treatment is most suitable to cure this illness. Acupuncturists commonly select the dilatational wave and the strength of electricity should be based on patients’ tolerance. Additionally, TDP treatment is effective assist treatment. The treatment time of acupuncture therapy is 20-30 minutes per time, 1 time per day, and 10 times per course.

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