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About us

Ponsonby Wellness Centre is located just a short walk from Ponsonby central in Auckland.

The clinic is probably the only Traditional Acupuncture and medical clinic in Ponsonby and the surrounding areas since setting up over 10 years ago.

Ponsonby Wellness is an approved ACC treatment provider specialising in using the old Chinese traditional treatment methods using Acupuncture and herbals to help pain relief and injuries rehabilitations as results of accidents.

In the last few years the clinic has seen a dramatic increase in patients seeking alternative treatments to compensate conventional treatment methods with fantastic results.

We have also seen more and more women seeking the use of Acupuncture during pregnancy and the combination of Acupuncture and herbals for medical care.

Our aim is to enhanced the healing power of the human body to live a healthier and enjoyable lifestyle.

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TCM Practitioner
Virginia Jin

Virginia Jin

Ponsonby Wellness Centre, Bao Yi Qian Chinese Medicine Clinic was established in 2012 by TCM practitioner, Virginia Jin, who came from a family of both modern and 5 generations of traditional Chinese medical practitioners. Her great grandfather founded Bao Yi Qian Chinese Medicine Clinic in Zhejiang, China, hundreds of years ago.

After Virginia immigrated to New Zealand (NZ) in 2004, she inherited her ancestral practice to promote the role of Chinese medicine overseas, integrating acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine as natural therapy and applying it to modern treatments.

Virginia is a current NZ registered acupuncturist provided by NZ Acupuncture Standards Authority (NZASA), with approved ACC. Moreover, Virginia helps to treat the roots of conditions such as anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, natural cosmetic, infertility, and gynecological conditions, in which modern practice may be weak in.

Virginia’s principle of treatment is that any disease begins with poor circulation. With more than 20 years of clinical experience, she has been able to develop treatment plans using traditional Chinese medicine ideas to solve patients’ problems without side effects and has received a very good reputation.  

What we offer



Using painless needles to balance body's Qi and Blood, then help people relieve from symptoms.

Natural herbal medicine

Herbal medicines

The natural herbal medicines can help people restore energy balance.

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Cosmetic Acupuncture

Acupuncture needles gives you a natural beauty and help weight loss by regenerating your OWN cells.

Acupuncture is often talked about as a fabled cure-all. But this needle therapy is, first and foremost, a complex approach to your body’s energy and health that we stick to at Ponsonby Wellness Centre. Why does this traditional acupuncture clinic practice prove to be so effective, pain- and stress-relieving?

The needle treatment dates back to the times when antibiotics and other medicinal drugs didn’t exist. Today, pharmaceutical substances are the solution offered by conventional medicine for any health condition. But often, these aren’t of much help or do not work at all. 

Targeted at symptoms, many drug formulas or base ingredients actually cause more harm than good, triggering health complications or adverse effects. That’s when many patients start seeking alternative treatments. One way is to come to our Chinese acupuncture clinic to experience drug-free relief.

Our acupuncture techniques focus on eliminating imbalances, muscle spasms, stress and strain in the whole body rather than just symptoms.

Clinic history

1900 Clinic History
Bao Yi Qian Clinic in old time
Ponsonby Wellness BaoYiQian
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic founded by Virginia Jin's great-grandfather 100 years ago.
2012 Clinic History
Ponsonby Wellness Centre Start
ponsonby wellness
Virginia inherited the old clinic, and came to Auckland, set up Ponsonby Wellness Centre in 2012.

Our Value

'Our aim is to Encourage self-recovery instead of using Meds'

'Try an alternative natural treatment without the use of DRUGs.'

Chinese Acupuncture | Chinese Herbal Medicine &Acupuncture |Acupuncture Service is overall based on Chinese Acupuncture, Chinese herbals medicine, cupping and natural healing A lot of people use Meds every day and got a lot of side effects from it. We aim to use and encourage the use of natural healing including Chinese Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to help people avoid or minimise the dependent on modern Meds.

Our Focusing Area

Pain Relief

Women Health Care

Medical Care

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Holistic acupuncture clinic treatments for multiple conditions and health issues

Though most health problems and chronic conditions or pains are more complex than they may seem, acupuncture works like a charm for:

•  post-injury and post-surgical rehabilitation

•  back/neck issues

•  headaches and migraine

•  pain/stiffness in the shoulder, back, and pelvic area

•  stress and anxiety

•  insomnia 

•  birth preparation

•  mobility improvement

Aimed at rebalancing the body’s energy and stimulating its natural healing potential, acupuncture may be effective on its own or along with conventional therapy. When you come for a session at Ponsonby Wellness Centre, you can expect ACC acupuncture treatments. 

Our experts also specialise in Acupress massage (deep tissue massage) and traditional Chinese herbal medicine.

• Acupuncturists view each person holistically and individually.

• Acupuncture helps to re-awaken and energize the self-healing capacity of the body

• Acupuncture is an effective preventative medicine with no negative side-effects, only positive ones.

• Acupuncture helps to support and strengthen the immune system.

• Acupuncture effectively assists with recovery from Meds, alcohol and smoking addictions

• Acupuncture is recognized by well-known and leading national and international health organizations

• Acupuncture is safe and painless

• Acupuncture treatment is an excellent stress-relief therapy.

• Acupuncture is an affordable alternative.

• Acupuncture works!

"Western Doctors are hunters, they identify and isolate sickness, and take it out. Chinese Doctors are gardeners – they nurture the body and help it thrive."
Virginia Jin
Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist

Our Team

The five-star traditional acupuncture clinic recommended by patients

We are delighted to witness a reverse of the trend. Previously, patients used to turn to acupuncture when “all else fails.” Today, our patients come to Ponsonby Wellness Centre before their conditions and symptoms get severe.

Your body is an interconnected system, so boosting its natural immune potential and promoting harmony is the best cure you can get. Book your acupuncture appointment!

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